Venues for Leadership Practice

Besides coursework on leadership, students seeking the Leadership Minor are required to demonstrate real-world leadership practice in the context of both ON-Campus and OFF-Campus activities and to document leadership learning outcomes on the Experiential Learning Transcript.  The on-campus and off-campus organizations listed on this page are suggested venues where students can practice leadership. These organizations have had a positive working relationship with the Taylor Leadership Institute. This listing is updated from time to time. There are of course many other potential places where students can practice leadership. We are happy to share this listing as a starting base for students as they explore possible venues where they can be involved as leaders.

We also encourage students to check out the excellent referral resources available through UNF's Office of CAREER SERVICES. There you can set up an account with that department's program called Career Wings, which  will provide you 24/7 access to a listing of timely volunteer, internship and employment opportunities available through hundreds of organizations in Northeast Florida and elsewhere.  For further assistance regarding Off-Campus leadership opportunities, please contact Dr. Dianne Dawood, TLI Outreach Services Coordinator, at dianne.dawood@unf.eduPh: (904) 620-5710.

The following on-campus and off-campus organizations provide students pursuing the Minor in Community Leadership with the opportunity to learn through real-world experience. Students pursuing the Leadership Minor can then document their leadership learnings on the Experiential Learning Transcript (ELT).

    Suggested ON-CAMPUS Venues:

  • Suggested OFF-CAMPUS Venues: