Volunteer Opportunities for Community Engagement and Leadership

Why Volunteer?

Assignments in LDR and SOP courses of the Taylor Leadership Program and the entries in the Experiential Learning Transcript (ELT) of the Community Leadership Minor involve volunteer service to the community, both on the UNF campus and agencies off-campus.  

Servant Leadership described by modern theorist Greenleaf (1972) is “the leader who wants to serve others first and then aspires to lead.” The concept is found in ancient philosophy and in most religious texts.  

One Website for All Volunteer Opportunities

UNF Volunteer Services offers a broad field of community engagement opportunities (more than 150 nonprofit agencies on campus, in Jacksonville and in a global network). Monthly UNF Volunteer Groups are scheduled for Taylor Leadership Institute venues (Humane Society, 5K fun runs, Feed the Hungry, etc.). JOIN US!

What is Your Interest?

Animal Awareness 

 Arts and Theatre 




 Military and Veterans 

 Social Work and Community Service 

 Special Abilities 

 Tutoring and Youth Mentoring 


Getting Started

Fill out and submit the UNF Volunteer Services questionnaire with Sarah Rosen, Volunteer Coordinator,  Sarah.rosen@unf.edu

 Questions? Contact Dr. Dianne Dawood, Taylor Leadership Institute: (904) 620-5710 or  Dianne.dawood@unf.edu