Capstone Presentation Information

Final Capstone Leadership Presentation/Interview

In this culminating experience, students present a verbal narrative/report capturing their leadership development. Through this learning activity, the student has the opportunity to weave together her/his reflections, insights, experiences and transformation learned in the course of their leadership development learning experiences while enrolled at the University of North Florida.

  • 20-30 minute presentation followed by 20-30 min of interview reflection facilitated by the staff of the Taylor Leadership Institute
  • Powerpoint may be used, but not necessary;
  • Reflects and expands upon prior “Capstone” postings to the ELT;
  • Come with a one page working outline of one one’s narrative/presentation
  • Draws from classroom exercises on Leadership;
  • Draws from on-campus (internal) learning activities documented in ELT;
  • Draws from off-campus (external) learning activities documented in ELT;
  • Frames presentation in the context of leadership development outcomes;

Sample Prompting Questions

  • What do you know now about leadership that you didn’t know when you first arrived at UNF?
  • How has your concept of leadership changed as a result of your classroom and experiential learnings about leadership?
  • Consider your learnings in the context of the “57” Outcome/Indicators; which are particularly meaningful to you, and why?
  • How have you changed as a result of these leadership development learning experiences?
  • How have those changes impacted your career goals?
  • Share with us a couple of anecdotal stories that capture your growth and development as a leader;
  • What would you say to first year student at UNF about the challenge of leadership?

For more information about the Capstone presentation, please contact Dr. John Frank at (904) 620-3039 or e-mail at