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Learning 2 Lead

Advising & Orientation for the Leadership Minor (Tues, Jun 14 & Wed, June 15)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 2016-06-15

Location: Taylor Leadership Institute, Conference Room, Bldg. 57 (COEHS), Rm 2608

Cost: FREE / Pre-Registration Required Via Link Below

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These session are open to ALL students, whether or not they have declared the leadership minor. The minor provides students with important credentials documenting the intentional study and practice of leadership, giving them an important "plus factor" in the job market and in applications to graduate school.


These sessions are open to both current and prospective students in the Leadership Minor program. Current students who have already declared the minor can ask questions and gain advice on how to proceed through the program.  Prospective students will learn about the benefits and requirements of the inter-disciplinary Leadership Minor.  Students who declare the minor by July 15th will have it become effective the first day of the Fall term. Students should declare the leadership minor not later than the last term of their junior year;


This session is offered twice, on TUESDAY, June 14th, and again on WEDNESDAY, June 15th. Both Sessions are scheduled for 3-4pm in the Conference Room adjoining the Taylor Leadership Institute,  Bldg 57 (COEHS), Rm 2608.