Resident Assistant & Learning Community Assistant Selection Process

****2015-2016 RA and LCA Selection process is now complete. More information about Mid-Year 2016 hires will be updated by October 1, 2015.




The Selection Process consists of a four-part process. All communication between Housing and Residence Life staff members and the applicants will be via email. Applicants should check their email regularly to ensure successful participation in the RA/LCA Selection process.


Applicants are expected to complete:

  • Application with resume, essay questions, and two references (form will be provided to your references)
  • HRL Showcase 
  • Group Activities Interview 
  • Individual Interview


Online Application Review

Each part of the application packet will be carefully reviewed and evaluated.  Candidates are encouraged to take significant care in the preparation and completion of their application as this information will be rated as part of the Selection Process. Even though the application is an online form, please take the time to check the application thoroughly for spelling, grammar, and detail. Be prepared to provide/answer the following:

  • Provide an essay (1-2 paragraphs, about 500 word per essay max.) response to the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in the RA/LCA position? Why is the RA/LCA important to the residential experience?
    • What is your favorite quote and how does it describe your leadership style?
    • What does community mean to you? As an RA/LCA, how will you build community in your area?
  • Submit a resume
  • Provide two references:
    • One reference should be a current Housing and Residence Life staff member (Resident Assistant, Learning Community Assistant, Residence Life Coordinator, etc.)
    • The other reference should be someone not related to the candidate (former employer, professor, etc.)

 Housing & Residence Life Showcase

This activity gives candidates an opportunity to see all campus communities and interact with staff and representatives from our various Living -Learning Communities. This event will take place the evening of Friday, January 23, 2015.

Group Process

A large portion of the RA/LCA position is the ability to work as a team and to effectively problem solve different situations. Candidates will travel in groups of 8-10 and participate in group activities. Each of the group process activities will show us both the good and the bad of how a candidate reacts to these situations. Eligible candidates will be assigned to a group and will participate in activities on Saturday, January 24, 2015.


Individual Interview

Candidates are interviewed, on an individual basis by a panel of current Residence Life Coordinators, other Professional Staff members of Student Affairs, Resident Assistants, and Learning Community Assistants. During this interview, candidates will be asked a variety of questions assessing their knowledge of the Resident Assistant/Learning Community Assistant position, and the skills and abilities each candidate possesses. There will be anywhere from one to four people interviewing you, so be prepared to speak with a small group of current staff members during the interview. Individual interviews will take place on Sunday, January 25, 2015.