Staff Recruitment Photo- huddle

Applicant Requirements

Prior to applying, interested applicants should consider the following:

  • We strongly discourage students from applying that are in overly demanding majors (as well as students interested in obtaining teaching, internships or athletic training practicum during their position term of appointment, etc.) because of the difficulty of balancing academics with the responsibilities of the position.
  • Resident Assistant: RAs may NOT be employed elsewhere during their first full (fall/spring) semester once they begin work as a Resident Assistant. RAs are only allowed jobs on campus after this point, and jobs must be approved by the RA's supervisor. 
  • Learning Community Assistant: LCAs can work a maximum of 5 hours/week in outside employment.



Eligibility Information

Academic Standing 

Applicants are required to be in good academic standing with the University, which includes being a full-time, registered student at UNF. In order to apply for an RA position applicants must have both a semester and cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or higher. 


Disciplinary Standing 

Applicants are required to be in good disciplinary standing with the University.  Applicants currently serving a sanction of Probation or higher issued by the University or Housing & Residence Life, or Student Conduct are not eligible for employment.  All applicants having a prior disciplinary history during their tenure as a college student should share that information during their interview.  Having a disciplinary history with the University or with the department does not eliminate a candidate from consideration, but the nature of the incident(s) may have bearing.  All candidates' disciplinary history will be checked with the University Conduct and HRL Offices.


Residency Standing 

Candidates are required to have completed one (1) semester of on campus residency at any college or university by the time of employment (Fall term).  Current first year students may apply if they have lived on campus during the prior academic year, but are generally not eligible for hire in the Spring semester of their first year.