Resident Reward Program

What is the Resident Rewards Program?
Resident Rewards program is meant to positively reinforce behaviors among the residential community that encourage academic, social, and personal growth and development.  This incentive program will encourage student involvement in the Residence Hall community by rewarding basic actions that promote good citizenship and/or engagement in the community.


How do I receive Resident Rewards?
Recommendations for resident rewards will be collected by contacting Any time you “catch” another resident doing any of the following good deeds, and submit that information to us, that resident could potentially receive a Resident Reward:

  • Cleaning common areas
  • Upholding community standards
  • Holding peers accountable for community standards and/or policies
  • Aiding an RA (i.e., Programs, BB, door decorations, door knocking, etc.)
  • Program and floor meeting attendance (more than 1)
  • Actively engaged in community
  • Active participant in programs
  • Attending an area council meeting / aiding with area council programs
  • Doing well on a test
  • Helping others in community
  • Attending an RHA meeting and/or event
  • Attending/participating in campus initiatives (i.e., WOW, Homecoming, RA Talent Night, Relay for Life)
  • Helping with housing wide programs
  • Caught Studying
  • GPA achievement
  • Picking up trash / recycling
  • Other:  Feel free to submit other acts that benefit the campus community for consideration

What do I get if I win?
If you're "caught" doing one of the above, you will receive a certificate and a small token of our appreciation for contributing to our campus community in a positive way. Beyond receiving your certificate, your name will be entered into a monthly drawing for a prize. These prizes include, but are not limited to: A free Publix Sub or a large specialty Pizza from Dominos.