How to Pay: UNF Students

Payment in full by E-Check or Credit Card 

 You may pay with credit card or E-Check through your myWings by the deadline. This can be done using the following process:

  • Access your myWings account.
  • Enter student ID and password.
  • Select “Academics/Students.”
  • Click on the box that says “Click Here to Review and pay Your Bill.”
  • Select the amount for housing and complete the process.
  • Print a copy of the receipt for your records.

Please note the following: You may use any credit card for payment. There is a 2.75 % non-refundable convenience fee assessed if you pay by credit card. However, if you pay by E-Check there is not a fee.

Florida Pre-Paid Housing

This method will cover the cost of a double occupancy air conditioned space approved by Florida Prepaid. This year, Florida Pre-Paid has approved the following room types:

Some of our rooms will not be covered totally by Florida Prepaid. If you are in a room other than one of the ones listed above contact the Housing accountants to determine the amount you will need to pay by the deadline. You will also need to authorize us to bill Florida Prepaid by submitting a copy of your current Prepaid card by the deadline.

Financial Aid

You will need to review your financial aid awards (including loans) and submit a pending worksheet each semester to the Housing office via the link on the Housing Financial page. If financial aid does not cover all of the housing rent, the portion not covered is due by the published deadline. You may pay this by following the steps in #1 above. The full amount of housing will be reflected so you will need to clear that amount and pay the shortage calculated on your worksheet. Remember a worksheet should be submitted each semester to the Housing office for review and verification.