Living Learning Community                Pre Med
Pre-Med LLC

Check-in and Move-in Information
The PreMed LLC will be checking 10:00AM-11:00AM on Wednesday, August 20th. You will need the following things to check-in:
  • Your UNF ID (or a photo ID)
  • You must be financially cleared. If you are not sure whether you are cleared please contact the housing office at 904-620-4663 and ask to speak with an accountant. You will not be issued a key or allowed to move in without being cleared. 
  • You must also complete, print, and bring the Waivers and Health Disclosure form attached to the email students received the first week in August to their UNF account. 
Check-in will take place for all First Year LLCs at the Clubhouse. You will need to be dropped off with your student IDs at the Clubhouse to check-in and pick up your key. You will receive your specific room assignment at this time. Vehicles will not be permitted to wait for students to get their key and must immediately drive to the designated parking area to wait for the students to walk back with the key. The designated parking lot for PreMed is Lot 11 near Osprey Cove. There will be no parking available at the Clubhouse. If the you are driving yourself alone, you will need to park in Lot 11 and walk to the Clubhouse to check-in. Please follow the designated driving routes outlined in the map attached to the email to help check-in be a smooth as possible.

We recommend you bring a dolly/cart to help you move in.

LLC check-in is separate from the general student check-in which takes place Friday, August 22nd so you can disregard information you receive about the general move-in later that week.
Retreat Information
The retreat for the PreMed LLC will begin at 1:00PM on Wednesday, August 20th and run through Sunday, August 24th. The purpose of the retreat is to help community members get to know each other better, have fun, and help you prepare for the academic challenges of the coming year. You will need to be in the Cove U courtyard at 12:45PM on Wednesday to walk to the first event as a group. Please be sure to eat beforehand and bring snacks for the afternoon if you like. Some meals will be provided throughout the retreat and meal plans will begin Friday evening, but you will be required to cover some meals on your own throughout the retreat time. Please visit Cartwells website for available dining options on campus during the retreat.

On Thursday afternoon of the retreat, the group will be out on the ropes course doing low-rope elements and zip lining. To comfortably participate, please be sure to bring closed toed shoes, a water bottle, sunscreen and bug spray. You will also need to complete the appropriate waivers and disclosure forms attached to this email. These will be turned in at check-in to be sure we have everyone’s paperwork for the experience.

The schedule will allow for down time, but do not plan on outside commitments during the listed dates. There are no additional costs associated with participating in the retreat, other than paying for any outside meals. If, however, you move in early and do not fully participate, you will be retro-actively charged an early move-in fee by housing.

1. Mission


The Pre-Med LLC Program is designed to assist UNF students in establishing a support network within the university and the community in order to improve student success in and out of the classroom, while simultaneously developing competitive candidates for admission to professional schools in the medical field.


2. Program Goals

  • Develop academic skills that will foster continued student success
  • Facilitate networking skills between students and professionals in the medical profession
  • Provide a support network to improve successful transition to UNF
  • Improve student academic success and social wellness
  • Inform students of the level of academic rigor required for a career in the medical fields
  • Provide support and guidance for success on professional school admissions exams
  • Provide support and guidance for successfully assembling competitive professional school applications


3. Applicable Majors include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Any student interested in a bio medically-related professional program, including Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, or Optometry 


4. Community initiatives:

  • Professional panel
  • Science course support
  • Career knowledge
  • Tutor support
  • Faculty and Graduate Student office hours on site
  • Faculty involvement
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities with Mayo Clinic, Shands Hospitals and St. Vincent’s Hospitals for Pre-Medical students
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities with professionals and clinics for Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry and Pre-Veterinary students


5. Participation Expectation:

LLC students must enroll in General Biology 1 (BSC 1010C) for Fall 2014. There are two options: 

          1.  BSC 1010C choose from one of two lab sections (CRN 81398 or CRN 82826)

          2. Honors BSC 1010C is strongly encouraged for Honors eligible students (CRN 83010)




Students must also enroll in BSC 2992 (CRN 82355). This is 1 credit hour pass/fail course which takes place weekly with other Pre-Med LLC members on Thursday evenings starting at 6:00 PM. 

Students are recommended to also take General Chemistry I or College Algebra during Fall 2014.


Location – Osprey Cove
Capacity – up to 25 students

This program is in collaboration with the Department of Biology and Housing and Residence Life.