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Campus Map   

Easily locate areas of interest or swiftly navigate through campus with the help of this Campus Map.


Tips for Managing Roommates 

Learn how to communicate effectively in order to get the best results out of any situation that may arise between you and your roommates

Bed Bug Awareness 

Learn how to prevent bed bugs.

Flu Season Preparedness  

Learn how to actively prepare for the flu season, how to stay healthy, and what to do if you or your roommates experience flu-like symptoms.


Renter's Insurance

Students are encouraged to carry their own health insurance and to review their family's homeowner's insurance policy, if any, to determine applicability of coverage for personal property while living on campus, or whether the student should carry a separate renter's insurance policy. Learn more from CSI Insurance Agency.


 Campus Partners and Resources

              Counseling Center -  


              Silent Witness - 


              Student Health Services –  


              Victim Advocate –  


              University Police Department (UPD) -  






  DOWNLOAD       Roommate Agreement


  DOWNLOAD       Roommate Agreement for Apartment-Style Suites  


      SUBMIT          Intern Housing Application  


       SUBMIT        Fall 2014 Housing Pending Worksheet  


       SUBMIT         First-Year Fall Housing Assignment Change Request


       SUBMIT        Upperclassmen Summer Housing Assignment Change Request


       SUBMIT         Upperclassmen Fall Housing Assignment Change Request


      SUBMIT        Housing Petition Form: Request removal or reduction of non-rental charges made to their student account.

(Not Available)      Former RA Survey: Resident Assistants are asked to comment on their experiences.


(Not Available)     Residential Testimonial: Submit testimonials about your experiences living on campus.