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Living-Learning Community 


HOLLC Group 14-15


What’s a Living-Learning Community you ask? It’s exactly what it sounds like; a community where students are living and learning together. The Healthy Osprey community is catered to those that want to live a healthy lifestyle. As a  participant in the Healthy Osprey LLC (HOLLC) you will get to be a part of all sorts of fun stuff like organic gardening, high-ropes course, group fitness classes, healthy cooking demonstrations and much more. Come be a part of this awesome new community! 



Any first-year student committed to a substance-free lifestyle is welcome to join the Healthy Osprey community. You don’t have to be a fitness guru or even in shape for that matter. Any student who wants to be an all-around healthy person can be a part of the Healthy Osprey LLC.



Healthy doesn’t mean just apples and pushups. We want Healthy Ospreys to be healthy in the fullest sense of the word: physically, intellectually, emotionally, occupationally, spiritually and socially. The Healthy Osprey community will be taking a Personal and Community Health class together as a way to bring the classroom and the residence hall closer together. The Healthy Osprey LLC is a collaboration between Housing and Residence Life, Brooks College of Health and Health Promotions.



Students in the Healthy Osprey LLC will live on the Y-2nd floor of the Osprey Landing. The Landing is outstanding!


There are so many reasons to be a part of the HOLLC, like these great programs catered to support your healthy lifestyle: rock wall climbing, the passport program, organic gardening, high-ropes course, healthy goal setting, weekly bike rides/ running group fitness classes, healthy cooking demonstrations and fitness assessments! You will also be taking a class with like-minded students you live with giving you a great opportunity to make friendships and create a community. Healthy Osprey will help you become the best you possible and you will have support from those who have the same goals you do. Also early move allows Healthy Osprey Students to get here before everyone else and get a jump on things.


To join the Healthy Osprey LLC you must complete a Housing Contract through myWings, and also submit the the Healthy Osprey application.