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Living-Learning Community

 Honors LLC   


  • First year students enrolled in the UNF Hicks Honors College
  • The Honors LLC is a collaboration between Housing and Residence Life, and the Hicks Honors College, to create a seamless transition between learning in and outside of the classroom.
  • Students in the Honors LLC will interact closely with other Honors students and faculty from the Hicks Honors College
  • As a member of the Honors LLC you will:
    •  Meet and live with other Honors students
    •  Have the opportunity to interact with Faculty on an individual basis
    •  Be provided with opportunities to get involved in the UNF community (i.e. student organizations, campus offices, etc.)
  • To join the Honors LLC you must:
    • Be accepted to the Hicks Honors College
    • Complete a Housing Contract through myWings
    • Must be in good standing academically, with University Conduct and with the Department of Housing & Residence Life
    • Enroll in the Honors Colloquium course for Fall 2016