Parents and Family

Family Resources

Useful information for families of residents at the University of North Florida


Housing and Residence Life  

You are invited to meet with the Residence Life Coordinator to learn more about the programs and policies. They are the post-masters level professional living and working with your student in the residential community. The RLC's office is in Housing and Residence Life, Building 14B. If you have a question that you forgot to ask while moving your student in, feel free to contact us by phone at (904) 620-4663 or e-mail at You will find information on our Community Standards in the UNF Resident Handbook as well as specific information events for the community.


University of North Florida

From here you can easily access the University's academic calendar and event calendars. You will also be able to find contact information for any administrative or academic office on campus.


Parents Association

This is a great resource for parents and guardians of UNF students. There are links to all areas of academic and campus life including Parents Association calendar, Family Handbook, and much more.


Health Promotion

A great resource to learn more about being a Healthy Osprey. From information about alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use and abuse to nutrition, sexual health and stress relief, this department can help you stay or become healthier and set a few healthy goals.


Student Health Services

Student Health Services is available to student as part of their student health fees. If your student becomes sick, this is the place to go, and the website serves as a great resource.


Top 10 Questions to Ask your Student

  1. Are you going to class?
    Skipping class is the #1 reason why students fail.

  2. Are you studying at least 25 hours per week?
    College is a full time job. Students should be in class, studying, doing homework 40 hours per week.

  3. Are you reviewing the material in each class weekly?
    If students review all material each week, then preparing for an exam is easy.
  4. Are you scheduling your "goof-off" time?
    Everyone needs down time, but students need to learn to manage their "goof-off" time.

  5. Do you know when the last day to register for classes is?
    After August 26, students cannot register for new Fall classes.

  6. Are you starting your assignments early?
    The unexpected happens: students get sick, computers die. Students should start assignments with plenty of time for the UNEXPECTED.

  7. Have you seen your advisor?
    Academic Advisors are a great resource to plan your student's academic career.

  8. Have you gone to your professor's office hours?
    Professors like to help students. Your student should not hesitate to visit the professor during office hours.

  9. Are you taking advantage of you academic success resources or used the tutor services offered in ACE or Osprey Hall?
    Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) offers tutoring and study skills workshops. As a resident, your student also has access to P.A.T.H. (Personal Academic Tutoring in Housing), conveniently located in Osprey Hall during the evening hours Monday through Thursday (6:00-10:00 p.m.) P.A.T.H. offers assistance in writing, math and sciences.

  10. Have you formed a study group?
    Studying complex material is more efficient with a study group.