Fraternity & Sorority Village

This project has been placed on hold at the present time. 


Starting in September 2012, UNF has been working with Treanor Architects and MGT of America to conduct a feasibility study for a Fraternity & Sorority Village.  Throughout this time, UNF has requested feedback and the committee has worked to develop a plan and process that is aligned with the university values, is mission-driven, and financial viable.


At this point, UNF has determined the process and criteria to identify eligible organizations for the Phase I of the Village.  The information contained on this page provides the timeline, all the presentations, and the pertinent documents. 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the information contained in this page, please contact Justin Sipes, Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life.  The Fraternity & Sorority Housing Committee members will work to address all of these inquiries as quickly as possible.  If the committee consistently receives similar questions or concerns, that information and the answers will be added to this page.



February 5

Final presentation to organizations.

February 5 - March 1

Organizations provide feedback on documents and questions.

March 15

UNF provides any changes, revisions, and/or amendments to documents.

February 5 - April 1

Organizations complete requirements established in the

Fraternity & Sorority Life Housing Selection Criteria process..

April 1 - April 30

Organizations present to panel.

April 30

UNF makes decisions about which organizations qualify for housing.

May 1

Organizations are notified as to UNF decisions.

June 1

Organizations agree to form of lease and submit $20,000 down payment.


Presentations & Forums

Greek Forum - February 5, 2013


Agenda for February 5 Presentation


Greek Forum - November 27, 2012


Greek Forum - October 30, 2012



UNF Feasibility Study (compiled by Treanor Architects & MGT Management)


UNF Fraternity and Sorority Housing FAQ


Fraternity and Sorority Housing Sublease Agreement Compare 1.25.13 - 3.13.13


Fraternity and Sorority Housing Sublease Agreement


Fraternity & Sorority Housing Handbook


Village Selection Criteria

  • The chapter should include their housing preference (36, 20, or 16 beds in either a free-standing or townhouse)
    as a part of their financial plan.

Fraternity & Sorority Housing Committee

Carlo Fassi, UNF Student Government President

Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez, Vice President of Student and International Affairs

Shari Shuman, Vice President of Administration and Finance

Dr. Lucy Croft, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs

Zak Ovadia, Director of Campus Planning

Bob Boyle, Interim Director of University Housing Operations

Laura Worrell, Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life

Justin Sipes, Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life