Interfraternity Council (IFC)

About IFC

The mission of the Interfraternity Council is to develop men during college and prepare men for the rigors of life outside of college by providing a foundation for critical thinking through academic achievement, life-long camaraderie through fellowship, social responsibility through service to the community, and accountability through leadership.

If you should have any questions regarding recruitment, the seven IFC chapters on campus, or fraternity life, please feel free to visit us in Building 58 East, Room 2103 or our Facebook page:


Welcome from the President


I'd like to take this opportunity to shake your hand and introduce myself, but this is a website and we can't do that yet. So, my name is Connor and I serve the UNF campus as the Interfraternity Council President. The IFC serves UNF by promoting its chapters, scheduling and coordinating recruitment, and reaching out to the community to show people what it's like to be Greek. 


As President, I'm honored to work with the campus's top leaders: The Presidents of our individual chapters. These are the men that have aspired to greatness, and lead their respective chapter to the same goal everyday. It's something truly amazing to be a part of. 


I'll assume you're here because you may want to join. It's good to see you! You're about to make a decision that has the potential to completely change your life. Whether you're new to college, campus, or Greek life in general, we'd love to have you. Our chapters are devoted to exemplifying leadership, growing our community, acing classes, helping others, and having an awesome college experience. Sound like a good time? Good.


Use the resources on this website and please check out our facebook page for the most up to date info on what IFC is doing, including RUSH information.


I look forward to welcoming you into our brotherhood.



Ty Smith

IFC President