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Kappa Sigma

Organization Facts

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity can trace its roots back to a secret society of students at the University of Bologna, Italy, formed in the year 1400 for mutual protection of its members. It was this group that inspired the Ritual and beliefs of modern-day Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigma in America was founded December 10, 1869, as five student attending the University of Virginia in Charlottesville gathered at 46 East Lawn and planted the seed of Brotherhood. Since 1869, Kappa Sigma has grown to become one of North America's largest Fraternities. Kappa Sigma is the fastest growing fraternity in the world. For over six years, more men have chosen Kappa Sigma than any other fraternity. Kappa Sigma has undergraduate men on over 250 college campuses.

Chapter Facts

The Xi-Psi chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded by 44 founders on November 6, 2004. Today, the chapter has over 50 brothers and continues to grow. The Chapter has brothers involved throughout campus. The chapter hosts two philanthropy events a year. The Christmas tree philanthropy with directly benefits Toys-for-Tots and the Rubber Ducky Philanthropy which directly benefits the Military Hero’s Campaign and the Fisher House Foundation. Xi-Psi serves the community in many ways throughout the semester through other philanthropic events, community service, and need based projects. 


Campus Awards

UNF Homecoming Champs - 2011
UNF Greek Week Winner - 2011

Outstanding Educational Programming - 2011

Outstanding Future Fraternity Leader - 2011

Outstanding Contributions to a Council - 2011

Chapter President of the Year - 2011

UNF Homecoming Champs - 2012

Outstanding Future Fraternity Leader - 2012

Outstanding Greek Man of the Year - 2012

Greek Cup Winners - 2012

Intramural Greek Cup Champions - 2012

Chapter President of the Year - 2013

Top 10 Greek 2013 - Jerry Barrs

Top 10 Greek 2013 - Andrew Coconato

Fraternity Chapter of the Year - 2013

National Awards

Outstanding Grand Master - 2011

Outstanding Grand Procurator - 2011

Outstanding Grand Master of Ceremonies - 2011

Outstanding Grand Treasurer - 2011

Outstanding Brothers in Action Program - 2011
Outstanding Alumni Advisor - 2011
Jackson's Chapter - 2012
Top 25 Recruiting Chapter - 2012
FACE Chapter - 2012

FACE Chapter - 2013

Top 25 Recruiting Chapter - 2013

Recruitment Info

The Xi-Psi Chapter recruits quality men three times a year, Summer, Fall, and Spring. The qualifications for recruitment are:

  • The Belief in God
  • Outstanding Leadership Potential
  • Outstanding Academic History and Potential
  • Outstanding Moral and Ethical Integrity

If you are interested in Kappa Sigma, please feel free to contact the Grand Master (President) at hogangagliardi@gmail.com.


President: Hogan Gagliardi

Email: hogangagliardi@gmail.com