What is group therapy?

The purpose of group therapy is to assist each individual in emotional growth and personal problem solving. All the information shared will remain confidential.  Group programs are free and open to all currently enrolled UNF students.

What are the advantages of group work?  

  • You realize you are not alone in your concerns

  • Group topics can give you information to enhance self-understanding

  • As you listen to and support others you learn to have more compassion for yourself

  • Helping others and becoming informed can boost your self esteem

  • You have the opportunity to know how others perceive you and with this information you can practice new communication skills and new behaviors that will increase your effectiveness in relating to others

  • More heads are better than one when it comes to solving problems

  • Group gives you the chance to obtain multiple perspectives on issues in a safe setting

  • When members tell their story to a supportive audience, they can obtain relief from chronic feelings of shame and guilt

  • You can be inspired and encouraged by another member who has overcome the problems with which they are still struggling

  • Being in a group enhances each members sense of belonging, acceptance, and validation.


Counseling Groups

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 Authentic Connections



 Taming the Anxiety Dragon 





Building Your Social Confidence


How do I join a group? 

Call (904) 620-2602 or stop by Building 2, Room 2300

The group orientation appointment will give you a chance to meet the group facilitators, learn more about group counseling, and help determine if the group format will be a good match for your presenting concerns