Hugabug News

UNF Child Development Research Center

September 2014

Upcoming Events

9/1     Labor Day                                                              Closed

9/3    Lifetouch Pictures                                                 @8:30am

9/4    Lifetouch Pictures                                                 @8:30am

9/7    Grandparent’s Day

9/11   Parent Organization Meeting                                 5:00 to 6:00 pm

9/12   Scholastic Book Orders Due

9/16   Spanish class begins

9/21   International Day of Peace

Happy Birthday

9/2 Fin A.                                 9/20 Joshua H. & Theodore W.

9/7 Kailyn I.                             9/26 Jalen V.                           

9/8    Ms. Brianna 

9/10 Anushya B.    

9/13 Devon C.                                                                                    

9/16   Ms. Carrie                                                  


It’s the beginning of another school year and at CDRC we’re geared up and ready to go with many events scheduled for the month of September.  Registration for Spanish class begins on September 3rd and will continue until classes begin the week of September 15th.  Classes cost $70 for a ten week session and sign-up sheet is in the office. 

The first Parent Organization meeting will be held Thursday September 11th from 5:00 to 6:00 pm.  We will be getting to know one another and planning family activities for the year.  Some of the events we have previously enjoyed are night walks and hot dog roast at the nature trails, pottery night and UNF sporting events. We hope to see lots of new faces.

Scholastic Books

Scholastic books are the easiest and most affordable way to find and order the books children love.  These are books that are just right for every child’s interest and age group.

·         Nice and easy pricing

·         Books as low as $1.00

·         Reading level and age group information for every book.

·         Book club flyers come home from school monthly.  You review it with your child, send your order to school and your books are delivered to your classroom.  Every time you order, the school receives bonus points to be used towards free books.  The first order will be due September 12th.  Please make checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs.  Orders may also be placed at the Scholastic web site  Our activation code is GL9VQ.

Lifetouch Preschool Portraits

Picture day is coming!  Pictures will be taken on September 3rd and 4th.  All children will be photographed and then you will have the opportunity to view the pictures and purchase the ones of your choice or return to school the ones you don’t want.  It usually takes about a month for the pictures to come in and these make great holiday presents.

Conscious Discipline

CDRC implements Becky Bailey’s “Conscious Discipline” as our classroom management and social/emotional education program.

Motto for the Month:  It’s my job to keep you safe.  Your job is to help keep it that way.”

Safe Place:  the safe place provides the opportunity for children to remove themselves from the group in order to become calm, regain composure, and maintain control.  When upset, angry or frustrated, children come to the Safe Place in order to be helpful and not hurtful to themselves and others.  It is the keystone to our anger management program.  The brain works optimally when it feels “safe”.  Four ways to calm the brain are: STAR – smile, take a deep breath and relax; drain, balloon, and pretzel.  The children will be learning these techniques in the classroom.  When children are out of control, they need routine which creates safety.  When children are uncooperative, they need connection which creates willingness.  Conscious Discipline is taught during Parent Association meetings.  By attending, the school and home can be on the same page when disciplining children.  I wish you well.

CDRC Staff

Director  Pam Bell

Assistant Director  Mahreen Mian

Bear’s Teacher  Jayne De La Rosa

Cardinal’s Teacher  Anjum Naeem

Dolphin’s Teacher  Loretta Triche

Manatee’s Teacher  Nancy Winckler-Zuniga