Hugabug Newsletter March 2018

Editor’s Corner:
Hooray for March this month the students will be diving into the colorful world of Dr. Seuss. We will be having our 20th annual Trike-a-thon which teaches children about bike safety. It is always a hit with our children! We also have spring picture day coming up where children can participate in taking class photos and our VPK children can have a cap and gown photo taken.

Recap from February:
During the month of February our students stayed very busy with lots of fun and educational events. We had our school’s annual bonfire event. We had over 150 children, families, and teachers gathered to take a nature walk, roast marshmallows, hotdogs, and just have an enjoyable time together! We want to say a special thank you to all of the families who donated firewood and food items to make this event a success!
The preschool would also like to give a special thank you to Elisabeth McAfee from the parent organization for coming out and helping to cut and sharpen palm fronds in preparation for the bonfire. She was able to get ready over 100 skewers that were used to roast the marshmallows and hotdogs.
February is Dental Health Month and to celebrate we had a dental hygienist come in and do a presentation for the children. The woman showed a short video about how to take care of our teeth and then allowed all of the children to use giant brushes and practice brushing on a stuffed puppet. She also talked about the importance of eating healthy food instead of sugar foods.
In the month of February when the police chief came he performed magic tricks for the students that they loved. Such as a card trick, or his magic coloring book that was blank and then was suddenly colored. He also brought with him a writer from the UNF Spinnaker about the wonderful relationship he has with visiting our students every month.
The staff training day in February consisted of learning about different math concepts and ways to better instruct our students on a daily basis. The staff also had training time specifically on the CLASS assessment tool which is being used to assess our classrooms this year for Guiding Stars.   

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Curriculum Corner                                        ELLM Books of the Month

   • The Farm Concert – Down on the Farm the farmer is trying to get some sleep. Will the animals listen and let him rest?
• Carolina’s Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too! - A heroic story of a very sick sea turtle. This book tell the tale of how she gets rescued and nursed back to health.
• The Very Hungry Caterpillar- The journey of a caterpillar’s life cycle is followed in this colorful story.
• Who Is the Beast? - This story follows the journey of a tiger that lives in the jungle. It provides an excellent background for teaching about the rainforest habitat.   

     Carlonia's Story       farm concert         The Very Hungry Caterpillar     Who is the Beast?





 The NAEYC for Families website at http://families.naeyc.org/ offers articles, information, and resources for parents with young children. Take a look in the Families Today section of the website to find articles written by Dr. T. Berry Brazelton and Dr. Joshua Sparrow. Dr. Brazelton, is a renowned pediatrician, behaviorist, and child development expert. Dr. Sparrow is a child psychiatrist who offers parents reassuring information and tips on the developing child.





A fun physical & healthy activity of the Month you can do at home with your child


Activity: Run Pum Pum
Equipment: cones to designate activity area and drum
1. Child pretends to be on parade
2. Instruct the child to listen to the drum beat which will tell them how to travel.
• 1 drum beat- walk
• 2 drum beats- march
• 3 drum beats- gallop
3. Change up the order of the drum beats to keep the children alert and thinking.
Remind child to listen to the drum beat and which movements go with which beats. Acknowledge safe traveling and praise children who keep a steady pace of movement.
1. Use verbal cues such as:
• “Stay inside your bubble of space.”
• “Keep your headlights in front of you (keep your eyes looking forward).” 







 Make sure to check out the Conscious Discipline Website for Shubert's Extension Activities
Use these highly interactive and engaging extension activities to help your children find their "BIG voice" and learn the seven skills of emotional intelligence. For both younger and older children, these activities foster conversation, learning and fun after reading and discussing a Shubert book with your children.




 Important Announcements and Reminders

• Be Prepared
With the weather changing please dress your child appropriately. We need a couple changes of clothes for each child. Keeping an extra jacket in your child’s cubby would be helpful as well.
• Safety and your security code access
The safety of your child is one of our greatest concerns. Please be reminded that the security codes provided to you are for your use only. Please do not give your child your security code or allow them to enter the code on the computer.
• Procare computers
We have parent check in/out computers in every classroom as well as the front office. Please make sure to check your child in and out every day when you come into the school. If you have a family member who picks up often please let them know we can assign codes to them as well.
• Walking children to class
Please escort your child to his/ her classroom every day, and say a quick hello to the teacher. This way we can ensure that your child is safe with a staff member and is not left alone in a classroom.



                   UNF Preschool Staff


 Director- Mahreen Mian, Assistant Director- Jennifer Fuller, Office Manager- Luciann Tappin, Bear’s Teacher- Sheila Mastriana, Dolphin’s Teacher- Nancy Winckler-Zuniga, Cardinal’s Teacher- Maria Beattie , Manatees Teacher- Brianna Pollock