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UNF Child Development Research Center


November and December 2014


Up-coming Events


11/6                  Parent Organization Meeting 5:00-6:00

11/4                  Therapy Dog 10:00 AM    

11/10               Registration for spring begins

11/11               Veteran’s Day Closed

11/10-11/14     Parent-Teacher Conferences for Manatee, Cardinal's, and Bears

12/1-12/5          Parent Teacher Conference for Dolphins Class

11/12-11/13     Speech and Hearing testing 9 am- 12 pm

11/20               Conscious Discipline Training 5:00-6:00

11/21               Scholastic Book orders due

11/27-11/28     Thanksgiving Holiday Closed

12/04               Parent Organization Meeting 5:00-6:00

12/05               Scholastic Book orders due

12/11               Conscious Discipline Training 5:00-6:00

12/24-01/01     Closed for Christmas and New Year’s


          11/3 Rylie M. & Evelyn O.          12/4 Arturu H.
           11/7 Eva A.                                   12/9 Meya H.
           11/10 Sabreen R.                         12/15 Serra A., Carina C. & Arianna M.
           11/12 Anna P.                               12/18 Sophia H.
           11/17 Benedicte B.                      12/20 Juan M.
           11/20 Jack E.                                12/21 Ms. Nancy
           11/24 Brody P.                              12/24 Kaia C.
           11/29 Aaron W. & Aiden W.       12/29 Kai M. & Kathleen B.


Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent-Teacher conferences for Cardinals, Manatees, and Bears will be held November 10-14. Dolphins will be Dec. 1-5th. There will be a sign-up sheet in each classroom to schedule a time to meet with your child’s teacher. If you are unable to schedule a meeting, a copy of the assessment will be available to you.


 Parent Organization Activities
Everyone had a great time at the Fall Festival on the CDRC playground. The parent organization made $380 with the raffle. CDRC would like to thank everyone involved in the planning of the event and those who helped that evening. The Parent Organization Meeting will be Thursday November 6 and December 4th from 5-6. Child Care will be provided


 It’s Registration Time Again
Registration for spring begins November 10th for currently enrolled CDRC families. Please turn in your forms before November 14th to secure your spot otherwise your spot will be available to new enrollees. Thanks and hope to see



Conscious Discipline  

 The Conscious Discipline Seminar will be held on Thursday November 20th and December 11th from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.  Child Care will be provided.

 3 Tools for Time Management

1. Create a predictable routine and show it in pictures. Go over this visual routine often! (There are many examples of visual routines on Pinterest.)

2. Talk about how long something will take to do. Children don't really understand time until second grade. With younger ones, refer to blocks of time that they are familiar with such as lunch time, snack time, reading time, etc.

Here is an example: We just finished story time. Now, we will be working in centers until snack time.

3. Make picture calendars and schedules for children. Regularly, go over what they did, what they are doing, and what will happen next.

As always, we wish you well!


CDRC Staff

Director  Pam Bell

Assistant Director  Mahreen Mian

Office Manager  Judy Vaesa

Bear’s Teacher  Jayne De La Rosa

Dolphin’s Teacher  Sabina Rahman

Cardinal’s Teacher  Anjum Naeem

Manatee’s Teacher  Nancy Winckler-Zuniga