Environmental and Sustainability Research

Below is a list of the different research that has been or is being conducted on our campus that centers on the environment, sustainability, or both. Our colleges at UNF work hard every day to further our knowledge of the natural world and enhance our ability to give proper stewardship over our precious natural resources. Check out what our professors are refining and what new concepts they are developing today that will shape our alumni tomorrow.


Sustainability research focuses on the social, environmental and economic factors of sustainability and addresses a challenge (such as transportation, renewable energy, environmental health behaviors, etc.); or furthers our understanding of societal and environmental challenges and interactions. Sustainability research leads toward solutions that support public understanding, economic prosperity, social well-being public health and ecological health.


† demarcates that research was awarded Seed Grant funding from the Environmental Center


  • Brooks College of Health

  • Coggin College of Business

  • College of Arts and Sciences

  • College of Computing, Engineering and Construction

  • College of Education and Human Services

  • UNF Centers and Institutes

  • University and College Collaborations