The Environmental Center's Mission


"Human survival no longer depends on conquering nature, but rather on living in harmony with it." - Dr. Ray Bowman



The mission of the Environmental Center is to establish, develop, and support cross-disciplinary education and research related to the environment. The Center fosters programs for students, faculty, and staff to pursue environmental activities through academics, research, and extracurricular activities. Also, the Center conducts and supports campus infrastructural projects involving sustainability and the campus’s natural environment. The Center develops connections and collaborations among university entities and between the university and the region.


Focus Areas

  • Foster external linkages among faculty and professionals engaged in addressing environmental issues
  • Assist in developing team teaching and team research on the environment
  • Assist in acquiring support for environmental education and multidisciplinary environmental research
  • Serve as a liaison to external organizations engaged in environmental initiatives
  • Expand the utilization of campus resources for environmental education