Environmental Monitoring, Mapping, Analysis, & Planning Systems (EMMAPS)


GreenMap Project


The purpose of the Green Map Project is to gain and deepen the understanding of sustainability in our community and to identify and describe sustainable entities and activities in Duval County, FL.  Understanding the geographical relationship between various community stakeholders will help the project, as well as GreenMap users, to personally learn which individuals and organizations are practicing/promoting sustainability.  This resource can also be used to identify potential ways in which individuals and organizations can become more sustainable in their actions and creates a venue for users to share ideas and information on local successes.


Examples include, but are not limited to complete LEED buildings, GTPs, green business [insulation, solar, green product stores, and green consultants], green companies and organizations, green government activities, community groups, schools, etc...


This project is a coordinated effort of JEA, USGBC, The GreenTeam Project, EMMAPS Lab, & UNF Environmental Center.


To apply for your site to be added to the official Jacksonville GreenMap, click here.  The process takes about five minutes.  Once submitted someone will contact regarding further site information.




Jacksonville GreenMap