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  • State Authorization

    Federal law requires the University of North Florida to make available to prospective and enrolled students the names of associations, agencies, or governmental bodies that accredit, approve or license the institution and its programs and the procedures for obtaining or reviewing documents describing accreditation, approval or licensing. The following link furnishes all information relating to the authority of the University of North Florida to offer postsecondary education programs for credit to students residing outside the state of Florida either online or in the form of clinicals, practicums, internships/externships, mentoring, labs, or student teaching in forty nine states and the District of Colombia:

  • General

    UNF Online Application - UNF's application is online and accessible through myWings. Students who already have access to myWings can log in and click on the Apply Now link in the Admissions channel on the Home tab. Students who are new to UNF and have never accessed myWings can create an online application through a temporary account. Once the application is complete students will receive instructions to view their permanent myWings account and track the status of their application online. Information and a link to the online application are available here:  

    myWings - myWings is UNF's "web portal" because it provides a single point of entry to web-based services and timely information tailored specifically for UNF students, faculty and staff. The myWings web portal makes it easy for you to find and organize the information that meets your specific needs. This includes essential services such as registration and financial aid for students.


     One Stop – fully available through email and by telephone: (904) 620-5555

     Registrar- fully available through email and by telephone: (904) 620-5555 

    Career Services– fully available by telephone: (904)620-2955 

    The Graduate School - The Graduate School is fully available to online students through email: and by telephone: (904) 620-1360. The Graduate School supports and promotes graduate education at the University of North Florida. We accomplish this, in concert with the University's academic colleges, by dedicating ourselves to: excellence in graduate faculty, students, and programs, in part through cultivating students' advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen fields, as well as their facility with research and other forms of scholarship; a focused use of resources in the development and support of programs and in the recruitment and support of faculty and students; the relevance of our graduate-level professional and liberal arts programs for our students and the communities we serve; and our accountability to our mission, disciplines, students, the university-at-large, and the communities we serve.

    Undergraduate Studies - Undergraduate Studies oversees the Academic Testing Office, the Office of Faculty Enhancement, the Center for Instruction & Research Technology, the Honors Program, and the Undergraduate Academic Enrichment Program. Undergraduate Studies is also involved in the following initiatives and programs: the Amercian Democracy Project, TLOs, Student Conversations, Undergraduate Research program and Undergraduate Studies Council. 


    Disability Resource Center - The Disability Resource Center (DRC) acts as a liaison between students with disabilities and the academic community and is available to help online students on a case by case basis. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, the DRC provides academic support services necessary for the student’s academic pursuits. The DRC provides information on issues of accessibility, reasonable accommodations, and auxiliary learning aids. These services give students with disabilities equal access to academic programs. The DRC office also provides necessary accommodations during special campus events and meetings.

    UNF Bookstore - The UNF Bookstore is fully available online. Shop for textbooks, software, and UNF apparel at UNF's Online Bookstore: Select Florida, then University of North Florida to begin shopping.

    ITS Help Desk - The mission of the ITS Support Center is to provide the University's students, faculty, and staff with a centralized point of contact for all supported products and services. The Support Center is committed to quality service through teamwork and a proactive approach to problem identification and solution. Service for online students is fully available online and by telephone (904)620-4357.

    DL ISQ - This page contains instructions for completing the Distance Learning Instructor Satisfaction Questionnaire. The Distance Learning Instructor Satisfaction Questionnaire is accessed through myWings.

  • Blackboard
    Blackboard - If you are new to Blackboard, there are resources available to help you:

    Osprey E-mail and Blackboard Student Sessions - During the second week of each term, Information Technology Services offers mini-workshops entitled "Introduction to using Osprey email and Blackboard". Each session lasts less than one hour. The workshops will help students new to UNF, or those using their Osprey email or Blackboard accounts for the first time.

    Blackboard Student Support 
  • Library
    Library - Library Services are fully available online. The Thomas G. Carpenter Library supports the educational goals of the University by providing information resources, services, and programs that encourage study and learning, support instruction and academic programs, facilitate research and scholarship, and engage the university-at-large and the broader communities we serve.

    UNF Distance Learning Library Services - The State of Florida Distance Learning Library Initiative, through cooperative agreements, provides for distance library services. Services are available through a network of host libraries throughout the State.   Host libraries work closely with the "home" libraries at a Florida public community college or state university library. Through statewide cooperative agreements, The University of North Florida Library supports Distance Learning Library Services in the areas of cooperative borrowing, interlibrary lending, and course reserves.
  • All Other Resources
    Advising by faculty – fully available through email and by telephone

    Advising by professional advisors – fully available through email and by telephone

    Faculty office hours – fully available through email and by telephone

    Assessment of learning expectations – as doable online as on-ground

    Counseling Center --  Website with links for mental health-related information; referrals by telephone"(904) 620-2602

    ACE/Tutoring -- Tutoring with web-based  helpful online tools, as well as power point presentations on study skills topics specifically for students who cannot make it to a workshop.