Distance Learning FAQ

  • How do I enroll in online courses?
     Students register for distance learning courses the same way they register for normal courses at UNF. See this page for more information http://www.unf.edu/admissions/applynow/ 
  • Do online courses cost more than face-to-face courses?
     Tuition for distance courses is the same as the Tuition for traditional courses.There is a $35 per credit hour DL fee assessed for most DL courses. A fee of $75 is assessed for students enrolling in CCEC distance learning sections of video-based courses conducted in the Video Production Classroom. Refer to this page to find current Tuition and Fees.
  • Who teaches distance learning courses?
     Distance learning courses are taught by the same experienced faculty members who teach face-to-face courses.
  • How is distance learning different from a traditional course offered at UNF?
    Distance learning provides flexibility and convenience for students to access distance learning courses from any location and at any time of the day. The primary difference is in the delivery of the course (online verses in the classroom) and not in the course content.
  • What are the skills that I need to have in order to be successful in an online course?
     As a distance learner, you will be more successful if you have or acquire the following skills: at ease with technology, self-motivated, solid reading and writing skills, self-disciplined and effectual time management skills.
  • What are some distance learning tips?
     To be successful in a distance learning course, you should stay with the schedule on the course syllabus, check Blackboard for announcements, assignments, readings and discussions frequently, actively participate in discussion board forums by reading all discussions posted by your classmates and by your instructor and posting your own responses and questions, practice excellent written communication skills and enjoy the flexible and collaborative learning environment of a distance learning course.
  • What if I have never taken an online course and I don’t know how to do it?
     Students should have some general computer knowledge before starting a course. Information Technology Services offers sessions entitled “Introduction to using Osprey email and Blackboard” during the second week of each term. It is recommended that students attend one of these sessions. For more information and for a session schedule, visit http://www.unf.edu/its/training/
  • What if I need technical support?
     Contact the ITS Support Center - This is a student's one stop help shop.
  • If I am taking an online course, is there a specific day or time I have to go online?
     Most distance learning courses are "asynchronous", which means students can log into their course any time during the week to do course work. Just like in traditional courses, students will have assignments that must be completed on time. Sometimes, “synchronous” participation in a distance learning course is required. Synchronous participation may include activities such as face-to-face meetings or use of the Virtual Classroom and Virtual Chat.