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The University of North Florida Division of Continuing Education is the premier provider of lifelong learning, workforce development and enrichment experiences. We are committed to economic development – one person, one company at a time. We provide excellence through quality programs, customer satisfaction and transformational learning.






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Our Vision

The University of North Florida Division of Continuing Education will be an innovative global provider of prestigious programs that drive economic development and individual success. Building upon our unparalleled reputation, our enhanced program development will allow us to fulfill our training, educational and enrichment commitments to business, industry and the community.









Our Values

As a Division, and as individuals, we value integrity, inclusivity and compassion. We are committed to our students, instructors, volunteers, partners and coworkers. We strive to be self-sustaining through quality customer service and innovative educational experiences, both personal and professional. Together we produce the shared success of the Division and our students.


       CE Vision


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