Center for Quality and Process Improvement

The Center for Quality and Process Improvement at the University of North Florida works with organizations of all types to improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction with the ultimate goal of improving our client’s competitive position and profitability.   


To date, our staff has assisted hundreds of firms in 26 countries around the world to improve their performance and profitability. Our client base includes manufacturing firms, service providers, governmental agencies, non-profits and both public and private companies.

We've trained over 50,000 people

The Center offers a combination of training, consulting and facilitation designed to meet each client’s unique needs.  UNF offers both open enrollment classes as well as contract classes, consulting and facilitation in in more than 40 topics all related to continuous improvement and enhanced organizational performance.


For more information on how the UNF Center for Quality & Process Improvement can help your organization, contact Jessica Murray, program director, at (904) 620-5801 or


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