Certification in Transportation and Logistics Graduates October 21

Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The Industry

Demand is High and Growing in Florida

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry provides ever-growing career opportunities, with highly qualified people needed by virtually every company and government. 

The Logistics industry is among the fastest-growing industries in Florida. As new dollars flow into the economy and businesses relocate and expand, thousands of jobs, from entry-level to management, will be necessary to support the growth.  
The factors that influence this growth are: 
  • The explosion of international trade in Florida
  • The growing volume of ship cargo entering the country through Florida's ports
  • Recent outsourcing trends to countries with low labor cost for manufacturing goods
  • And effective supply chain management changes such as inventory reduction and
    just-in-time delivery

The number of new and replacement jobs is forecasted to grow in almost every occupation in the industry. Most industry businesses suffer from a shortage of skilled workers and offer higher than average wages to attract the labor force they need.

The speed of goods movement has become a competitive advantage for many businesses. Companies save money on distribution and inventory reduction, and reward their key mid-level and high-level employees with generous compensation.


The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) is an international trade seaport in Northeast Florida. Companies doing business at Jacksonville's seaport employ more than 7,000 workers and support an additional 38,000 jobs in Jacksonville. The JAXPORT expansion and logistics industry growth will create thousands of new jobs, entry-level and professional, in Jacksonville.