Graduate Faculty Status & Renewals

The Graduate School prompts the College to submit renewal applications for those Graduate Faculty members who are up for review.


The College Dean requests that the Department Chair request of those Graduate Faculty members in her/his department who are up for review an electronic Curriculum Vita (CV). In the event that the CV does not provide clear evidence of (1) active pursuit of a scholarly agenda, (2) pedagogical effectiveness in his/her graduate level courses, and (3) a representative list of the ways in which the candidate has “offered direct assistance to graduate students” (teaching grad courses, serving on thesis/dissertation committees, writing/grading comprehensive exams, offering DISs, and so forth), the candidate should provide either (1) a copy of her/his annual report or (2) a one page evidenced narrative of these three things.


The candidate sends her/his electronic CV and any supporting documentation to her/his Department Chair.


The Department Chair forwards to the College Dean (1) the candidate’s electronic CV, (2) any supporting documentation, and (3) a brief note of recommendation (or, more precisely, evaluation).


The College Dean forwards her/his endorsement of the Department Chair’s recommendation, along with the candidate’s CV and any supporting documentation, to the Graduate Dean.


In the event that the College Dean does not agree with the Department Chair’s nomination, they will discuss the matter. The College Dean has the right not to forward names she/he does not judge to be appropriate.