Graduate Faculty

Coggin College of Business

Coggin College of Business


Name Terminal Degree Other Degrees Granting Institution Title
Ahmed, Parvez Ph.D.   University of Texas at Arlington Associate Professor
Barton, Thomas L. Ph.D. CPA University of Florida Kathryn and Richard Kip Professor of Accounting
Bell, Timothy Ph.D.   Oklahoma State University Distinguished Professor
Bryan, David Ph.D.   Florida State University Assistant Professor
Davis, Sean M. Ph.D.   Florida Atlantic University Assistant Professor
de Jong, Pieter  Ph.D.   University of Texas at Arlington Associate Professor
Frohlich, Cheryl J. Ph.D.   University of Illinois Associate Professor
Hart, Dana L. Ph.D.   University of Mississippi Assistant Professor
Jaeger, David G. J.D.   University of Cincinnati Associate Professor, Chair, and Director of the Master of Accountancy
Lamb, Reinhold P. Ph.D.   Florida State University Jody and Layton Smith Distinguished Professor of Finance
MacArthur, John B. Ph.D. FCCA University of Wales Kathryn and Richard Kip Professor of Accounting; Professor
Michelman, Jeffrey E. Ph.D. CPA, CMA University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor, Graduate Program Director for GlobalMBA and Global Entreprenuership
Schnusenberg, Oliver Ph.D.   Florida Atlantic University Associate Professor
Slater, Robert  Ph.D.   University of South Florida Assistant Professor



Name           Terminal Degree Other Degrees Granting Institution Title
An, Lian  Ph.D.   University of Kentucky Assistant Professor
Baliamoune-Lutz, Mina N. Ph.D.   Northeastern University Professor
Cobb, Sharon C. Ph.D.   University of Florida Professor
Gallo, Andrés Alberto Ph.D.   University of Illinois Champagne - Urbana Associate Professor and Chair
Johnson, Christopher Ph.D.   University of Alabama Associate Professor
Loh, Chung-Ping Ph.D.   University of North Carolina Associate Professor
Mason, Paul M. Ph.D.   University of Texas Professor
Triplett, Russell      Ph.D.   UNC Chapel Hill      Assistant Professor
Stranahan, Harriet A. Ph.D.   University of Washington Professor


Name Terminal Degree Other Degrees Granting Institution Title
Coleman, B. Jay Ph.D.   Clemson University Richard deRaismes Kip Professor of Operations Management and Quantitative Methods; Professor
Fadil, Paul A. Ph.D.   Florida State University Professor
Flynn, Christopher Ph.D.     Assistant Professor
Fortado, Bruce Ph.D.   Case Western Reserve University Professor
Goel, Lakshmi Ph.D.   University of Houston Assistant Professor
Kale, Rahul W. Ph.D.   University of Maryland Associate Professor
Kavan, C. Bruce Ph.D.   University of Georgia Bank of America Professor of Information Technology and Associate Dean
Naslund, Dag Ph.D.   Lund School of Business and Economics Associate Professor
Owen, Crystal L. Ph.D.   Ohio State University Associate Professor
Schupp, Robert W. J.D.   University of Florida Associate Professor
Van Deusen, Cheryl A. Ph.D. CHA, CHE University of South Carolina Professor
Williamson, Steven D.B.A.   Memphis State University Professor and Director of the Institute of Management Development and Organizational Studies
Zhang, Pingying  Ph.D.   Norwegian School of Management BI (Oslo, Norway) Assistant Professor


Name Terminal Degree Other Degrees Granting Institution Title
Choi, Youngtae Ph.D.   Texas A & M University Associate Professor
El-Ansary, Adel I. Ph.D.   Ohio State University Donna Harper Professor of Marketing
Eltantawy, Reham Ph.D.   Florida State University Associate Professor
Frankel, Robert Ph.D.   Michigan State University Richard de Raismes Kip Professor of Marketing and Logistics
Gundlach, Gregory Ph.D.   University of Tennessee Coggin Distinguished Professor
Russell, Dawn Ph.D.     Associate Professor
Samli, A. Coskun Ph.D.   Michigan State University Research Professor
Swanson, R. David Ph.D.   University of Arkansas Assistant Professor