Coggin College of Business Criteria for Graduate Faculty 

To continue as a member of the Graduate Faculty of the Coggin College of Business, a faculty member must be Academically Qualified.  A faculty member (regardless of rank, tenure status, or full/part-time status) is AQ if s/he:


  1. holds a doctoral degree in the primary teaching discipline, or in a closely related discipline (original academic preparation), and
  2. has published at least two quality peer-reviewed journal articles or the equivalent (as described below in the Application Guidelines -- Faculty Academic Qualifications) in the primary teaching discipline, or in a related business or academic discipline, over the preceding five calendar years (maintenance of AQ).  Also, the normal expectation is that a faculty member will have periodic other intellectual contributions (OICs) during the preceding five years, as evidence of an ongoing and comprehensive research program.


Coggin College guidelines used to apply the AQ definitions are outlined in the Application Guidelines -- Academic Qualifications, available in the college.