Welcome to the University of North Florida Master of Public Health (MPH) Program!  The MPH Program challenges our students to become confident, competent, and compassionate public health professionals who are able to practice autonomously and ethically within a changing public health environment.


The MPH Student Handbook serves as a resource for students, faculty and others involved in this program. It provides information about the academic and administrative policies and procedures specific to the program.  When policies and procedures are revised, appropriate updates to this manual will be made. For university-wide procedures that pertain to graduate studies, please refer to the UNF Graduate Catalog.  Information about UNF’s Graduate School degree requirements and important policies and procedures are published in the Graduate Catalog. The policies, procedures and guidelines for UNF’s MPH degree were developed to conform to the Brooks College of Health and University of North Florida requirements.


In addition to this Handbook, you are required to read the Graduate School Student Handbook as it provides general information applicable to all graduate students regardless of their programs of study.  While this handbook contains valuable information specifically related to graduate studies in Public Health at UNF, the Graduate School Student Handbook addresses policies, procedures and resources related to graduate studies in general at UNF. 


It is your responsibility to review the information both in this Handbook and in the Graduate School Student Handbook as you will be held responsible for abiding by its content.


Specific Policies and Procedures Adopted by MPH Program Faculty 6/15/04.
Revised 08/2016 for 2016-2017 Handbook

New MPH Handbook