Master of Business Administration Graduate Student Handbook


Welcome to graduate school at the University of North Florida!  We trust that you will find your experience in the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) Program at UNF both challenging and rewarding, and we look ahead to celebrating your successful completion of the program.


In this Welcome statement, we provide you with a brief overview of some of the fundamental differences between undergraduate and graduate education.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the list below to ensure that you are prepared to meet the expectations of graduate students in the MBA Program.


Again, welcome and best of luck in your pursuit of advanced education!


~ Coggin College of Business Graduate Faculty


Faculty Contact Information




Phone Number

Amy Bishop

MBA Advisor

(904) 620-2575


For a complete listing of departmental faculty and advisors, click here.


In addition to this guide, you are advised to read the Graduate School Student Handbook as it provides general information applicable to ALL graduate students regardless of their programs of study.  While this handbook contains valuable information specifically related to graduate studies in Business Administration at UNF, the Graduate School Student Handbook addresses policies, procedures and resources related to graduate studies in general at UNF.  It is your responsibility to review the information both in this handbook and in the Graduate School Student Handbook as you will be held responsible for abiding by its content.