LMontoya profile   

Why did you choose UNF for Graduate School? 

    I chose UNF Grad School because I saw that they had a new Coastal Engineering program with great professors and many opportunities for the students.


What do you do when you need a break from studying? 

    When I need a break from studying I read the bible to clear my mind.


Where’s the best place on campus to unwind? 

    The best place on campus to unwind is the green area.


In one sentence describe a current research project? 

    For our research project we are collecting tarball samples on Atlantic beach and Little Talbot Park to determine where they come from.


What classes are you taking now? 

    I am currently taking Advanced Research Methods for Engineers, Numerical Modeling of Coastal and Estuarine Systems and Field Topics.


Which professor has had the most influence in your studies? 

    The professor that has had the most influence on my studies is Dr. Resio, he has been guiding me and helping me with my studies and research.


Other than in the classroom, what involvement have you had with the university community? 

    I am currently the Vice president of COPRI, (Coastal, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute) we have monthly meetings and socials with other students and professional guest speakers.


What advice would you have for somebody considering graduate school? 

    Be prepared to read more research papers, to improve your writing skills, to spend more time on homework and projects, and to think outside the box.


What do you hope to do after completing your degree? 

    After completing my master’s degree I hope to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Coastal engineering.


Describe one of your favorite locations off campus? 

    One of my favorite locations off campus is Jax beach. I enjoy going to the beach with my wife and dog to spend quality time with them.


What has been your most pleasant surprise about UNF graduate school? 

    My most pleasant surprise about UNF graduate school is that I am actually learning a lot of cool new stuff and enjoying my classes.



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