Has graduate school been a shock, or have you been able to take it all in stride?
The transition from a full time profession to a full time student has been somewhat of a relief. Although, meeting research paper deadlines and the anxiety of exams is stress of a different nature. It’s a higher level of academia with lower levels of fun outside the classroom.

Which professor has had the most influence in your studies?
Professor Louis Woods has opened my eyes to the world in regards to economic policy and history compiled with old and new economists foreign and domestic.

What advice would you have for somebody considering graduate school?
Save enough money to live on for 18 months or have your employer help with tuition 

In one sentence describe a current research project?
Chilean Wine: The production, markets and global competitiveness of the South American wine region of Chile

Other than in the classroom, what involvement have you had with the university community?
I am a Graduate Assistant for the Marketing and Logistics Department

What do you hope to do after completing your degree?
I hope to use my professional experience and academic capabilities to teach at the University level or go back into the professional world working in venture capital or financial analysis.

What new graduate degree program do you think UNF should implement?
I would like to see something with respect to Venture Capital or even a PH.D. program.

Describe one of your favorite locations off campus?
The tennis court, golf course and of course Everbank Field, Go Jags! 




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