CRana profile 

Why did you choose UNF for Graduate School?  

UNF has one of the best Graduate Schools in Florida. The course structure is at par with the current industrial skills required for a student. It has faculty with professional skills who can map industrial experience with the theory in a class. 


What has been your most pleasant surprise about UNF graduate school? 

I am amazed by the support provided by The Graduate School staff during the admission’s process and the beautiful campus. 


Has graduate school been a shock, or have you been able to take it all in stride?  

Nope.  It is not at all a shock for me. Rather, graduate school is fun and I am enjoying it. I am able to relate my IT work experience with theory in class.  Also, I am learning a lot of new concepts which I would not have known if I wouldn’t have attended graduate school. 


What advice would you have for somebody considering graduate school?  

Graduate school will definitely give a student’s career a new horizon. One has to keep up with the pace of classes and the assignment schedule. 


What do you hope to do after completing your degree?  

 Currently, I am working as a Software Engineer and will continue making contributions in the IT industry by providing solutions which help mankind to achieve a new summit. 


Other than in the classroom, what involvement have you had with the university community?  

I am an active member (Treasurer) of the Graduate Student Organization which supports Graduate Ospreys throughout their studies. 


On a Personal Note:  

Describe one of your favorite locations off campus?  

Hang out with friends at Seven Bridges. 


What do you do when you need a break from studying? 

 I like to go to the beach, play sand volleyball or workout in gymnasium when I need a break from studying. 


Where’s the best place on campus to unwind?  

The Boat House and Starbucks 







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