AElSafty profile   

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Dr. El Safty taught in Panama City, Florida until he was offered a position at the University of North Florida seven years ago. He has found UNF to be dynamic and the class sizes ideal for his students’ learning experience.


“At UNF,” El Safty says, “I got to know great and impressive professors and staff who sincerely care, work hard, very pleasant and personable, and makes you feel great about your work.”


Dr. El Safty’s research work with the Florida Department of Transportation allows his students to participate in the laboratory research studies. He sees his research as a way for students to “achieve their academic dream” while they “investigate real problems that require innovative methods and materials.”


He doesn’t think a good student has to be the most intelligent one in class.  El Safty says, “Good students should attend classes regularly, pay attention, actively participate in class, and play active role in their learning process. “


He summarized his program to potential students as:  “Vibrant program that teaches students the basics and innovations of engineering in a good environment.”


On a Personal Note:

If you had not become an academic, what would you have done?  

    Structural Engineer designing and repairing structures.


What do you do when you need a break from students and research?   

    Go to Panera to work away from distractions.


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