What classes are you taking now?  

     BSC 6990 Critical Skills in Science 

     PCB 6480 Quantitative Ecology 

     BSC 5905 Directed Independent Study: Ornithology 


What advice would you have for somebody considering graduate school?   

     As a former professor of mine told me, “You’d better develop a love for ramen noodles!”  Seriously, though, it’s not that bad! 


My advice would be do what you love, even if you think it is too hard or may take too long.  As a student with very little formal biology background (my undergraduate degree was in Anthropology with a minor in Chemistry), I was intimidated at the thought of earning a Master of Science in Biology.  I remember after my first graduate level biology class going to the bookstore for supplemental reading material!  However, I am so glad I decided to challenge myself…never underestimate your abilities!  


Where’s the best place on campus to unwind?   

     The greenhouse on the roof of the new biology building!  I am fortunate in that my research utilizes this facility, so I spend a lot of time up there.  It is very peaceful and relaxing! 


What do you hope to do after completing your degree?   

     I plan to continue on to a Ph.D. and pursue an academic career. 


On a Personal Note:

Describe one of your favorite locations off campus?   

     The beach…LOVE it!  The sun, the sand, the salt water!  I enjoy surfing, and if I am feeling particularly creative, building a bad-ass sandcastle! 


What do you do when you need a break from studying? 

     Break???  What is a break!   


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