Graduate Program Directors

Academic advising is accomplished by a combination of professional academic advisors and faculty members. If you have not yet been in touch with your program director, we strongly recommend you contact his or her office at your earliest convenience. To find your graduate program director, please select your major from the list below:

Brooks College of Health

Program Advisor E-mail Phone Office
Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition Dr. Judith Rodriguez
BSN-DNP in Family Nurse Practitioner Dr. Michele Bednarzyk
Nurse Practitioner Program Director
Beth Dibble
Assistant Director for Admissions: Nursing Programs
Building 39A, Room 3098
BSN-DNP in Nurse Anesthetist Dr. John McDonough
Director Nurse Anesthetist Program
(904) 620-2684
Building 39A, Room 3097
Post-MSN Doctor of Nursing Practice Dr. JerryHogan
Doctor of Nurse Practitioner Program Director
Beth Dibble
Assistant Director for Admissions: Nursing
(904) 620-1474
Building 39A, Room 3096
Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Paul Mettler
Graduate Program Director
Building 39, Room 2025A
Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Dr. Richmond Wynn (904) 620-4345
Building 39, Room 4012
Master of Health Administration Dr. Mei Zhao (904) 620-1444
Building 39, Room 4017
Master of Science in Health: Exercise Science and Chronic Disease Dr. James Churilla
Graduate Program Director
(904) 620-1735
Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (internship option) Dr. Catherine Christie
Graduate Program Director
(904) 620-1202
Building 39, Room 3031
Master of Public Health Dr. Tammie Johnson
Program Director

Coggin College of Business

Program Advisor E-mail Phone Office
GlobalMBA Dr. Andres Gallo
GlobalMBA Director
Kate Mattingly Learch
GlobalMBA Associate Director
(904) 620-1694
(904) 620-2521
Building 10, Room 2125
Building 10, Room 2125
Master of Accountancy Dr. David Jaeger (904) 620-1671
Building 42, Room 3129
Master of Business Administration Dr. Lakshmi Goel
Graduate Program Director
Amy Bishop
MBA Advisor
(904) 620-2974
(904) 620-2575
Building 42, Room 3226
Building 42, Room 2021

College of Arts & Sciences

Program Advisor E-mail Phone Office
Master of Arts in Biology Dr. Matthew Gilg (904) 620-1949
Building 59, Room 3316
Master of Science in Biology Dr. Matthew Gilg (904) 620-1949
Building 59, Room 3316
Master of Science in Criminal Justice Dr. Brenda Vose (904) 620-1717
Building 51, Room 2122
Master of Arts in English Dr. Betsy Nies (904) 620-1249
Building 8, Room 2653
Master of Science in General Psychology Dr. Tracy Alloway (904) 620-1614
Building 51, Room 3439
Master of Arts in History Dr. Alison Bruey (904) 620-2886
Master of Arts in International Affairs Dr. David Schwam-Baird (904) 620-1929
Building 51, Room 2408
Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences Dr. Richard Patterson (904) 620-3714
Building 14 , Room 2746
Master of Music Dr. Sarah Provost (904) 620-3836
Building 45, Room 2007
Master of Arts in Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics Dr. Erinn Gilson
Master of Public Administration Dr. George Candler (904) 620-1388
Building 51, Room 2402

College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Program Advisor E-mail Phone Office
Master of Science in Civil Engineering Dr. Thobias Sando (904) 620-1142
Building 50, Room 2102
Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences Dr. Roger Eggen (904) 620-2985
Building 15, Room 3223
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Dr. Alan Harris (904) 620-1682
Building 50, Room 3312
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Dr. Alexandra Schonning (904) 620-2357
Building 50, Room 3114

College of Education & Human Services

Program Advisor E-mail Phone Office
Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership Dr.Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore (904) 620-5747
Master of Science in American Sign Language/English Interpreting Dr. Sherry Shaw
Program Director
(904) 620-1811
Building 57, Room 3519
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Brian Zoellner (904) 620-5852
Building 57, Room 2323
Master of Education in Educational Leadership Dr. Anne Swanson
Adv. Teaching & Learning and School Leadership
(904) 620-1839
Master of Education in Elementary Education Dr. Nile Stanley (904) 620-1849
Building 57, Room 2216
Master of Education in Counselor Education in School Counseling Dr. Carolyn Stone (904) 620-1828
Building 57, Room 3433
Master of Education in Special Education Dr. Caroline Guardino
Program Director, Deaf Education
Dr. Kristine Webb
Program Director, Exceptional Student Education/Disability Services/Autism
(904) 620-1818
Building 57, Room 3520
Building 57, Room 3614