BVose profile   

How did you end up at UNF?    

When considering places to apply, UNF met all of the requirements on my checklist (e.g., strong department, nice facilities, and a cool mascot). SWOOP!   


 How has UNF differed from other universities where you have taught?   

There are more geese on this campus than any other university where I have taught or attended as a student.     


Describe one of your research projects as if talking to somebody who knows nothing about your field.    

I examine a variety of treatment approaches used by the criminal justice system to determine if some approaches are more effective than others at reducing the likelihood individuals will commit crime. 


What do you think is the most important trait of a successful student?   

Determination and discipline   


Having been through Graduate School, what advice can you give a budding academic?   

A degree isn’t a license to stop learning.  Continue to think critically and read the research.  Implement strategies and programs in your work environment that are based on sound theory and empirical support.  Finally, always evaluate your work and look for opportunities to improve.      


What is your favorite class or topic to teach?   

Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice.   


If you had not become an academic, what would you have done?   

I would have become a federal agent like Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs  


What have you published recently?   

Tillyer, M. S., & Vose, B. (2011). Social ecology, individual risk, and recidivism: A multilevel examination of main and moderating influences. Journal of Criminal Justice 39, 452-459.    


From where did you receive your degrees?    

Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati 

M.A. from Wichita State University 

B.A. from University of Northern Iowa 


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