Technology Available for Licensing

UNF researchers have developed cutting-edge solutions that have the potential to transform industries and lives, and we are always looking to partner with industry to further research and commercialize them. UNF leading technologies include:


SF5 Compound Synthesis

The University of North Florida is seeking companies interested in commercializing new synthetic methods for the preparation of pentauorosulfanyl (SF5) aromatic diazonium salts and the application of such salts as building blocks for a wide variety of compounds useful in biomedical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and materials applications. The new methods facilitate access to a wide variety of SF5-aromatic compounds whose synthesis by other means is challenging and not economical due to their reliance on exotic/hazardous reagents and harsh conditions. Download more information about this new technology


Sensor Technologies

The UNF Sensor Group has developed four patented and patent-pending sensors that have the potential to significantly impact multiple industries, including national security, health care, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Sensors Available:

Industries Served:

Mosquito Inhibitor Technology

University of North Florida researchers have created a unique, all-natural solution to control mosquitoes that does not threaten the environment or humans. The UNF invention halts mosquitoes in the larval stages before they become disease-transmitting pests. See the mosquito technology page for more information.