Teaching Online Seminar (TOL6100) Faculty & Courses

The Teaching Online seminar offers an opportunity for faculty members to redesign a traditional course for distance learning delivery. The intensive seminar covers pedagogy, course design, instructional strategies, communication strategies, and online assessment.  The following courses have been developed as part of the seminar.


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2013 Summer


Faculty Department Course Course Name
Asaithambi Asai School of Computing COP2220 Computer Science I

Bacopoulos Peter Taylor Engineering Research Institute CGN6933 Special Topics in Civil Engineering

Binder Michael Political Science & Public Administration POS3114 Issues in State and Local Government

Braddock Jenna Nutrition & Dietetics DIE3310 Community Nutrition

Buchwalter Andrew Philosophy & Religious Studies PHM3400 Philosophy of Law

Choi Chiu Electrical Engineering EEL3111 Circuit Analysis I

David Georgina Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL EEC4209 Integrated Music, Art, and Movement for Primary Children
Holland Christine K Communication COM3120 Organizational Communication

Johnson Jerry Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management EDA6061 Introduction to Educational Leadership (School Leadership I)
Khan Shahla Nutrition & Dietetics HUN4414 Nutrition for Physical Activity and Health

Knuckley Bryan Chemistry CHM2045 General Chemistry I

LaCasse Dane Biology MLS4505 Clinical Immunology

Matheson Jonathan Philosophy & Religious Studies PHI3130 G(M) Symbolic Logic

Maxey-Billings Brenda English ENC3250 Professional Communiactions
Park Jae Communication ADV3008 Principles of Advertising

Salmon Otilia Foundations & Secondary Education TSL6525 Cross-Cultural Communication and Knowledge
Seabrook Nicholas Political Science & Public Administration POS3606 The U.S. Supreme Court

Spaulding Aaron Public Health HSA3191 Health Information Systems I

Weiss Stephanie Library LIS1001 Beginning Library and Information Systems Strategies
Woodard Tracey Criminology and Criminal Justice CCJ2002 Crime in America

Zhan Mei-Qin Mathematics & Statistics MAP6336 Ordinary Differential Equations


2013 Spring


Faculty Department Course Course Name
Brooks Annabel Institute for Values, Community & Leadership LDR3000 Foundations of Authentic Coaching
Byun Jin-Suk Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL TSL6345 Methods of Teaching in ESOL and Bilingual Settings
Candler Gaylord Political Science & Public Administration    
Chuan Ching-Hua School of Computing CEN4535C Development of Gaming and Mobile Applications
Dawood Dianne Institute for Values, Community & Leadership LDR3003 Introduction to Leadership
Dumont Georgette Political Science & Public Administration PAD4003 Public Administration
Gupton Sandra Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management EDA6945 Practicum in Educational Leadership
Hodge Warren A Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management EDS6130 Human Resource Development in Education (Operational Leadership I)
Ingersoll Julie Philosophy & Religious Studies REL3127 Religion and the Courts
Jones Marnie English ENL3503 Later Periods of British Literature
Labyak Corinne Nutrition & Dietetics HUN3230 Advanced Nutrition Science I
Lee Chunsik Communicatio PUR3000 Principles of Public Relations
Mathies Samuel Communication SPC4064 Public Speaking for Professionals
Olinzock Barbara Nursing NUR4168 Nursing Science III
Ouyang Ronghua Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL TSL6350 Grammar for Teachers of ESOL
Patterson Karen B Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education EEX4616 Classroom Management of Learners with Exceptionalities
Pope Bonnie Nursing NUR3166 Nursing Science I
Poppell Judith Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management EDF6607 Education in America
Stanley Nile Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL TSL6440 Assessment in ESOL Settings
Tanner Diana Accounting & Finance ACG2071 Principles of Managerial Accounting
Welch-Rawls Donni Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences PHT6819C Clinical Internship I
Wilburn Sharon Public Health MHS6930 Special Topics in Counselor Education
Wludyka Peter
Mathematics & Statistics NGR7843 Statistical Interpretation for Advanced Practice
Zhao Mei  Public Health  HSA4111 U.S. Health Care System

2012 Summer B



Faculty Department Course Course Name
Baron Mary English LIT3331 Children's Literature
Berger Jeanette English ENC1101 Introduction to Rhetoric & Writing
Fullerton Elizabeth Childhood Education, Literacy & TESOL EEC6944 Practicum in Early Childhood
Gregg Elizabeth Sport Management SPM5605 Sport Governance & Compliance
Gupta Saurabh Business Management MAN6785 E-Business Strategy
Howell Linda English ENC 1143 Introduction to Rhetoric & Narrative
Kalynych Colleen Public Health HSC4181 Alternative Healing
Kane Jennifer Sport Management SPM 6008 Foundations of Sport Management
Kruger Barbara Nursing NUR4636 Community Partnerships
Lee Jason Sport Management SPM5206 Ethics & Issues in Sport
Nam Siho Communication MMC3614 Media Theories & Effects
Nolin JoAnn Public Health HSC3154 Aging Health Policy & Politics
Pabalate Jonathan Nursing NGR6894 Global Healthcare & Culture
Parmelee John Communication MMC3614 Media Theories & Effects
Radjenovic Doreen Nursing NUR3167 Nursing Science II
Roush Connie Nursing NUR3619 Family & Community Assessment
Seabrooks-Blackmore Janice Special Education EEX3202 Psychology & Sociology of the Exceptional Learner
Umapathy Karthikeyan School of Computing CIS4510 Expert Systems & Decision Support
Vandenberg Kristin Nursing NUR3532 Concepts of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing
Vose Brenda Criminology CCJ6705 Advanced Methods of Criminological Research


2012 Summer A


Faculty Department Course Course Name
Binder Michael Political Science & Public Administration POS3424 Congress and Legislative Procedure
Carter Jeremy Criminology & Criminal Justice CCJ4938 Homeland Security
Chapman John English ENC2441 Writing About and For Music
Gottlieb Danny Music MUH2018 The Evolution of Jazz
Hall Katrina Childhood Education, Literacy & TESOL EEC6611 Early Childhood Education
Hedrick Wanda Childhood Education, Literacy & TESOL RED6395 Advanced Reading Assessment and Implementation of Reading Programs
Hough Catherine School of Nursing NUR4826 Applied Nursing Ethics
Lange Lori Psychology PSB3002   Psychobiology
Leverette Tru English AML6455 What Is (Was?) African American Literature?
Lundy Mary Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences PHT7551 Leadership in Physical Therapy Administration and Management in Physical Therapy Practice
Magyari Peter Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences PET3990 Pathophysiology for Exercise Science
Malek Mag Construction Management    
Perez Susan Psychology DEP3054 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Scott J.B. Music MUH2017 The History of Rock and Roll
Staley Elaine Biology MLS4191 Molecular Diagnostics
Stuber Jenny Sociology & Anthropology SYO4100 Sociology of the Family
Sweeney Kristi Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management LDR4340 Resource Development for Non-Profit Organizations
Wesely Jennifer Criminology & Criminal Justice CJL4310 Criminal Law and Procedure
Wagner Debra School of Nursing NUR4945c Professional Nursing Integration (RN-BSN)


2012 Spring


Faculty Department Course Course Name
Le Wana Clark Exceptional Student & Deaf Education INT5954 Service Learning
Laura Jackson Exceptional Student & Deaf Education INT6932 Interpreting in Healthcare
Sherry Shaw Exceptional Student & Deaf Education INT5457 Interpreting for Diverse Populations
Catherine Christie Nutrition HSC6934 Seminar in Nutrition
Nancy Correa-Matos Nutrition HUN6285 Nutrition and Metabolism I (3) 
Tammie Johnson Nutrition PHC6525 Advanced Concepts of Nutrition and Health
Judy Perkin Nutrition HUN6910 Nutrition Research
Claudia Sealey-Potts Nutrition HUN5265   Methods of Nutrition Assessment  
Judith Rodriguez Nutrition HUN6612   Nutrition Education and Counseling
Delores Truesdell Nutrition DIE6248   Clinical Nutrition
David Jaffee Sociology & Anthropology SYA4930 Organizations
Krista Paulsen Sociology & Anthropology SYD3890 Gender & Society
Rick Phillips Sociology & Anthropology SYP3570 Deviance & Social Control
Jennifer Spaulding-Givens Sociology & Anthropology SOW3203 Social Welfare Institutions
Jeffrianne Wilder Sociology & Anthropology SYD3700 Race & Cultural Minorities
Jeff Will Sociology & Anthropology SYA3300 Logic of Inquiry




Faculty Department Course Course Name
Carter Candice    Childhood Education    EDA6490 Applied Transformation of Conflict
Barr Elissa Public Health HSC6587 Program Planning in Health Promotion & Education
Brown Katharine School of Computing CIS4253 Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing
Christie Natasha Political Science & Public Administration PUP6006 Issues in Public Management
Flowers Joe English ENC2461 Ancestral Minds in a Modern World
Gabbard Dwight English ENL4230 Restoration & 18th Century British Literature & Culture
Guardino Caroline ESDE EXP3104 Communication, Collaboration Skills fo Special Educators
Hooper Katherine Psychology HUN5265 Human Sensory Perception
Jones Lynn Accounting & Finance TAX3011  Income for Corporations and Partnerships
Lee Hyung-Seok Communication ADV3300  Media Planning
Lukens-Bull Ron Sociology & Anthropology ANT3212 Peoples and Cultures of the World
Merten Julie Public Health HSC4579 Women's Health Issues
Moore Michele Public Health HSC3032 Foundations of Community Health
Pontzer Daniel Criminology & Criminal Justice CCJ3023 Intro to Criminal Justice
Rakita Gordon Sociology & Anthropology ANT3312 North American Indians
Sanchez Arturo School of Computing CEN4535C Development of Games and Mobile Apps
Sitren Alicia Criminology & Criminal Justice CCJ4644 White Collar Crime
Solano Judy School of Computing CGS4308 Information Processing:  Requirements, Identification and Specification
Williams Lunetta Childhood Education RED5846 Practicum
Zitek Emily Psychology PSY3214 Research Methods in Psychology




Faculty Department Course Course Name
Berrin A. Beasley Communication MMC4420 Mass Communication Research Methods
Dominik Guss Psychology PSY3214 Experimental Cognitive Psychology
M. Catherine Hough Nursing NUR4826 Applied Nursing Ethics
Valerie Johnston Public Health HSA6198 Health Information Technology
Kareem L. Jordan Criminology & Criminal Justice CCJ3010 Juvenile Deliquency/Juvenile Justice
Jennifer Kane Leadership, Counseling, & Instructional Technology EDA4567 Foundations of Sports Management
Juliana K. Leding Psychology PSY3214 Research Methods in Psychology
Adam Shapiro Sociology & Anthropology SYO4100 Sociology of the Family
George de Tarnowsky Political Science & Public Administration PAD6060  Public Administration in Modern Society







Faculty Department Course Course Name
Betty Bennett Leadership, Counseling, & Instructional Technology EDA6196 Leadership for Learning Organizations
Tammy Carroll Nursing NGR6094 Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing III
Louanne Hawkins Psychology IDH Thesis Sympomsium Colloquium
Melissa Hirschman Psychology PSY3214 Research Methods in Psychology
Brenda Maxey-Billings English ENC3211 Business and Technical Writing
Sally Weerts Health HUN5265

Methods of Nutritional Assessment





Faculty Department Course Course Name
Adam Carle Psychology PSY3214 Research Methods in Psychology
Katrina Hall Childhood Education RED6656 Advanced Foundation of Reading
Warren Hodge Leadership, Counseling, & Instructional Technology EDA6232 Law and Ethics in Educational Leadership
Marcia Lamkin Leadership, Counseling, & Instructional Technology EDA6242 School Finance
Jeffrey Michelman Accounting & Finance ACG4251 International Accounting
Elizabeth McMullan Criminology & Criminal Justice CJC4015 Correctional Systems & Processes
Reid Oetjen Public Health HSA3210 Long Term Care Administration
Chuck Paulson Honors IDH2935 Science, Technology, and Society
Katherine Robinson Nursing NUR4168  Nursing Science III
Jeff Will Sociology & Anthropology SYP4351 Social Movements and Social Change