Faculty Development Model

A Focused Approach to Designing and Delivering High Quality
Distance Learning and Hybrid Courses


CIRT is committed to working with faculty to enhance their knowledge of best practices related to online course design, development, and delivery. To fulfill this commitment, CIRT provides a four-tier faculty development model that includes a foundation course with separate learning tracks for part-time and full-time faculty, a suite of mastery modules, course development and quality certification, and national certification. In addition, CIRT provides ongoing professional development through scheduled and on-demand workshops.


CIRT's Faculty Development Model


Teaching Online (TOL) Foundation Course

Prior to Fall 2017, CIRT provided comprehensive faculty development through two distinct teaching online seminars, TOL5100 for part-time faculty and TOL6100 for full-time faculty. While both of those seminars were very successful, a growing need to focus on blended, adaptive, and personalized online learning coupled with UNF's recent migration to Canvas prompted the need for a more robust and refined personalized training curriculum. To that end, CIRT has developed a new TOL foundation course that provides separate learning tracks for part-time and full-time faculty within a single course and ensures all participants have equal access to whatever materials and resources are needed to develop and deliver high quality courses at UNF.


To see who has successfully completed this course, view the TOL Graduates page.

TOL | Track A: Blended and Online Learning

Full-time faculty, 8-week blended format, ~40 hours commitment

NEXT START DATE - September 14, 2017


In this track, participants learn about pedagogy, course design, instructional strategies, communication strategies, and online assessment involved in the development and delivery of high-quality blended and/or fully online courses. This intensive track includes a face-to-face kickoff day, eight online modules, a face-to-face roundtable discussion, and a culminating online final presentation.


Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the major components of an online or blended learning course
  • Develop assessments that measure the effectiveness of student learning
  • Explore instructional media that support course objectives and learning outcomes
  • Evaluate methods for communicating with students
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of copyright and fair use laws
  • Reflect on best practices in development and delivery of online and hybrid courses


Upon successful completion of all required activities and assignments, participants will receive:

  • $2000 stipend
  • Certification to develop and deliver online courses at UNF



APPLICATIONS DUE 4/21/2017 8/15/2017 12/19/2017 4/11/2018
9am – 12pm w/snacks
Bldg 57 (Rm. 1250)
9/15/2017 1/19/2018 5/11/2018
9am – 12pm w/snacks
Bldg 57 (Rm. 1250)
10/20/2017 2/23/2018 6/15/2018
FINAL PRESENTATION DUE - END OF COURSE 7/2/2017 11/5/2017 3/11/2018 7/1/2018


** Indicates the specified cohort is no longer available for registration **  

ATTENTION! Registration for Fall-2017, Spring-2018, and Summer-2018 will be available starting June 1st, 2017.


TOL | Track B: Online Course Delivery

Part-time faculty, 5-week asynchronous format, ~25 hours of commitment

NEXT START DATE - October 12, 2017


In this track, participants learn about the important pedagogical, logistical, and technological issues involved in delivering effective online courses. This track includes five online modules and an optional synchronous communication session.


Learning Objectives

  • Utilize Canvas tools to enhance content and increase interaction
  • Identify characteristics of an effective online instructor
  • Plan how to effectively start and end your Canvas course
  • Apply instructional design best practices to engage students in an online course
  • Adapt your teaching methods for an online environment
  • Determine strategies to manage workload and facilitation in an online course
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of copyright and fair use laws


Upon successful completion of all required activities and assignments, participants will receive:

  • $1000 stipend
  • Certification to deliver online courses at UNF
Participation in this track is based on nomination. Contact your Academic Chair for nomination.


Mastery Modules

To provide additional support and a more personalized training for both adjunct and full-time faculty, CIRT offers a suite of mastery modules designed to provide a more in-depth mastery-level understanding of topics related to effective online teaching and learning. These mastery modules are available to all faculty that have completed the TOL foundation course. To access these modules you must login to the TOFD Portal in Canvas.

  • Using Course Analytics
  • Integrating Online Technology
  • Humanizing the Online Environment
  • Accessibility and UDL
  • Effective Virtual Communication
  • Gamification in Online Learning
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Adaptive and Personalized Learning



Course Development and Quality Certification

DCD | Distance Learning Course Development

Full-time faculty who have completed the TOL foundation course (Track A) are eligible to participate in a self-paced course development module designed to assist faculty with their development of a high-quality distance learning course. Through this course development module, participants design and develop a fully online course and complete a successful Quality Matters course review of that course within 12-months of start date. To access this module you must login to the TOFD Portal in Canvas.


Upon successful completion of the Quality Matters course review, participants will receive:

  • $1000 stipend
  • UNF recognition of completion. View list of UNF courses that have successfully completed an official Quality Matters course review.

Faculty may apply at any point after completing the TOL foundation course. A maximum of 50 applicants will be accepted in each fiscal year. Chair support to offer the course in a distance learning format is required.

  • To apply, faculty should complete the online application and secure their chair’s approval to offer the course in a distance learning format during the next academic year.
  • The Chair Approval Form must be signed by the academic department chair and returned to CIRT by email to cirtlab@unf.edu or by campus mail to Tina Stanton, CIRT, 10/1120. Applicants will be contacted by a member of the instructional design team within two weeks of a completed application, including chair approval form.

Note: You cannot apply to develop a course for which you already received a stipend. If you are unsure, view the TOL Graduates page.



QMR | Quality Matters Certified Peer Reviewer

Become a QM certified peer reviewer by completing two QM training courses and then participating in informal QM reviews at UNF. A modest stipend will be available for participation in course reviews.



National Certification

MOT | Master Online Teacher Certification

Pursue further professional development in online teaching through the OLC Online Teaching Certificate Program offered as a sequence of one foundation course and three electives leading from the conceptual to the implementation of online learning effectiveness best practices.





TOFD Portal LoginTo assist UNF faculty with their ongoing professional development efforts in the area of blended and online teaching, CIRT has developed a Teaching Online Faculty Development (TOFD) Portal in Canvas. This portal provides a central location from which faculty can access the TOL foundation course, participate in mastery modules, engage in ongoing discussions about course design and delivery, browse resources related to online teaching and learning, and apply for advanced training and certifications.


Note: All participants of the TOL foundation course (past and current) are automatically enrolled in this portal.



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