Teaching Online @ UNF

To meet the growing demands of teaching online at UNF, CIRT provides faculty support through faculty development courses and workshops, quality certification process, and distance learning program transition.


Faculty Development

CIRT provides a centralized and focused approach to designing and delivering high-quality distance learning and hybrid courses at UNF by providing:

  • A four-tier teaching online Faculty Development Model that includes:
    • Teaching Online (TOL) Foundation Course with separate learning tracks for part-time and full-time faculty. To see who has successfully completed this course, view the TOL Graduates.
    • Mastery Modules available to both part-time and full-time faculty looking for a more in-depth mastery-level understanding of topics ranging from Canvas Analytics to Gamification.
    • Support for Distance Learning Course Development and Quality Certification
    • Participation in a national comprehensive Master Online Teacher (MOT) Certification. To see who has successfully completed this certification, view the MOT Graduates.
  • Instructional Design consultations on blended and online course development and delivery, course media development, course quality, library resources, copyright, and accessibility.
  • CIRT Events that include ongoing faculty development workshops by CIRT staff members and webinars from national organizations, such as, the Educause Learning Initiative, Academic Impressions, the Sloan Foundation, and the New Media Consortium. These events take place in the Online Learning Laboratory and are open to all UNF faculty.


Online Course Quality and Certification

UNF has adopted the Quality Matters (QM) to better develop, maintain and review our online course offerings. QM is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered process that focuses on research-based best practices to ensure quality in distance learning. UNF is committed to implementing the QM standards for the design of online courses and we are systematically building and evaluating our courses based on these rigorous, research-based standards.


Distance Learning Program Transition and Support

Each academic year, up to two certificate or degree programs will be provided significant support and resources to either (a) convert the entire program to fully online or (b) develop a new certificate or degree program as one delivered fully online.


Distance Learning Courses and Programs