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Google Earth is a free virtual globe program linked to online resources, providing "layers" of location–specific information, such as high resolution satellite imagery, maps, and even three–dimensional terrain and buildings. The layers can be turned off or on to show roads, borders, parks, place names and much more. Users can save places or add and share their placemarks and related information with others. Other tools allow users to overlay images and measure position, elevation, or distance between points. Google Earth allows the user to print, save, and email images and views.


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Resources from Google   

  • Google Earth Outreach – Instructions and examples for non-profit organizations on how Google Earth can be used.
  • Google Earth Community – The community site maintained by Google that has links to a plethora of user created content, tutorials, and discussions.
  • Google Earth Hacks – A collection of thousands of downloadable locations and overlays for Google Earth 


  • Google Lat Long Blog – The official Google Earth and Maps blog. This is the best place to get news about Google Earth.
  • Google Earth Blog – A frequently updated blog about Google Earth. The Google Earth Blog is unaffiliated with Google Inc.
  • Ogle Earth – An extremely popular blog for GE
  • Using Google Earth – Another blog focused on Google Earth owned by John Gardiner, a member of the Google Earth Team.
  • Google Earth Library – Most of the posts in this blog contain KML files