Blackboard Support for Students 

Although most students in a courses will have had previous experience with using Blackboard, they will often ask the instructor questions about using Blackboard. Answering student questions about using Blackboard not only takes up a lot of instructor time, but it often shifts the focus of faculty/student interaction away from course content and toward discussion of course tools (such as Blackboard). 


The Blackboard Technical Support Module was designed to provide students with answers to questions they may have about using Blackboard from within your Blackboard course. Instructors can add the link above to their course as an external link to their Blackboard course menu.


To add the Technical Support Module to a Blackboard course:

  1. Login to Blackboard and enter a Blackboard course. 
  2. Make sure the Edit Mode is ON.
    Edit Mode On
  3. Click the button with the plus sign and select Web Link. 
    Menu - Add Web Link 

  4. Type in a name for the link (Technical Support, Student Support, etc.) 
    Add Web Link  

  5. Open the the Bb Student Technical Support Module in a new window. 

  6. Copy and paste the  URL in the URL text box. (

  7. Check the Available for Student/Participant users box.Click Submit. 

  8. The new link should appear in your course menu, as below:
    Menu - Tech Support Link