Blackboard Semester Tasks

Here is a list of tasks for the beginning and end of each semester that you may need to consider when using Blackboard. 

Blackboard Retirement

Blackboard will be retired on May 31, 2017 as part of the University’s transition to Canvas, the new statewide LMS.


After Blackboard is retired, all course materials and other associated data will be gone.


Options to preserve course content (without the associated student records)

Export the course. The export file can then be later imported into Canvas. Directions here.

Download your tests and test pools. Directions here.

Download or export your Sharestream video files. Directions here.

Options to preserve records of student activity in a course

Download your Grade Center. Directions here.**

Save Discussion Board Postings. Directions here.**

Download Assignment Submissions. Directions here.**


** Records for users with inactive accounts are not included.


Beginning Semester Tasks

End of Semester Tasks