Blackboard System Management Overview

The Blackboard Learn and related enhancements at UNF are managed by the Blackboard (Bb) Team.  This team consists of representatives from Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Center for Instruction & Research Technology (CIRT) who meet regularly and jointly make strategic and operational decisions regarding the Blackboard system and address requests for system and process changes and enhancements. ITS provides integration, development, and technical support for the system, and CIRT serves as the functional and operational owner of the application. 


The Bb Team is responsible for ensuring that Blackboard meets the needs of the campus community, particularly in regards to supporting teaching and learning, and so regularly provides reports to, seeks input from, and vets proposed changes through the Faculty Association's  Campus Technology Committee (CTC).  With official representation on the Distance Learning Committee (DLC) and the University Technology Committee (UTC), the CTC provides a two-way communication pathway between the Bb Team and all stakeholder groups at the University. 

Publisher Integrations and Electronic Materials

The access for students to purchase publisher materials through Blackboard has been deactivated because of the University’s contractual obligation to Follett that conflicts with that functionality. All other functionality for those integrations (e.g. McGraw Hill Connect, MyLab) remains intact, including student access to a courtesy trial version of most materials. Access codes are available for purchase through the UNF bookstore.