Transitoning from Vovici Enterprise to Qualtrics Research Suite

This step-by-step process will walk you through transitioning  from UNF's current survey tool, Vovici Enterprise, to the new tool, Qualtrics Research Suite. There will be a three-month overlap of products to facilitate transition to Qualtrics. Vovici will remain active until Monday, December 31, 2012. At that time the license will expire and Vovici will no longer be available. Current users should export all survey and data from Vovici before that time.


You may need to perform additional steps depending on how you used each survey in Vovici.

If you would like to transfer the survey to Qualtrics:
  1. Put in a request to have your survey(s) transferred from Vovici to Qualtrics.  
If you need to download responses collected by a survey:
  1. Export the responses to a CSV file.
If you need to download reports on survey responses:
  1.  Export a Word, PDF, or PowerPoint version of the report.
If you used an email campaign to send the survey to your participants:
  1. Export the list of participants from Vovici.
  2. Copy and paste invitation, reminder, and thank you email messages from Vovici. 
If you have an active (open) survey in Vovici that will continue to be active past December 31, 2012:

If the Vovici survey was open participation:

  1. Activate the survey in Qualtrics. 
  2. You will need to update any links that refer to the Vovici survey to the new Qualtrics survey address. You may have published links to webpages, emails, posters, etc.

If the Vovici survey was an email campaign:

  1. Use the previously exported participant list to create a panel in Qualtrics that contains people who have not yet responded to your survey.
  2. Distribute the survey in Qualtrics using the panel. 


If you have any questions about transitioning to Qualtrics, please contact CIRT at 620-3927, or