Qualtrics Support — Preparing Transferred Surveys for Distribution

Order of questions

When your survey is copied to Qualtrics, the questions will be in the order that they were originally created. You may need to reorder them.

Question numbers

Questions numbers are imported as the Vovici question ID, for example ‘QID1’.  The easiest way to fix this is by going to the Advanced Options button in the survey editor, choosing ‘Auto-number questions’ and finally, selecting a style. If you plan to export your data to SPSS or other statistical software, leave ‘Q’ in the prefix; otherwise, you can leave the prefix blank.

Embedded HTML code

If HTML code was added, for example manual line breaks (<br> or <br />),  to your survey in Vovici, Qualtrics will import it as text and it will show up in your survey. This excess code must be deleted manually.

Missing formatting: bold, italics, underlines, and links

Surveys are brought in to Qualtrics without formatting; anything that was bold, italicized, underlined, or hyperlinked will need to be re-formatted using the Rich Text Editor in Qualtrics. Also, check for mistakes in spaces, such as extra indentations.

Text box dimensions

On import, the size of the text box for fill in the blank and essay questions is set to the Qualtrics default. To change the size of a text box in Qualtrics, click the bottom right corner of the box and drag it to the desired size.


Question logic is not transferred to Qualtrics. It will need to be recreated. Please refer to the Qualtrics University pages on Display Logic and Skip logic for information on adding logic to a survey.