CIRT provides an array of instructional design services to support UNF faculty with the systematic process of designing, developing, and delivering instructional materials. A group of highly motivated and experienced instructional designers a.k.a the ID Team are available to consult on instructional design best practices, assist in the conversion of traditional course materials to the online learning format, and provide training and development related to the practical and pedagogical skills necessary for developing and delivering interactive and engaging instructional materials.



The primary services provided by the ID Team include, consultations, course development, course review, faculty development, and a liaison program meant to strengthen communication between faculty members and instructional designers. For more information about these services, visit the following pages:


Instructional Design Process

Through the instructional designers’ lens, course development is an iterative process that passes through four major stages (design, develop, teach, and evaluate). Browse the following pages for information, resources, and strategies that can be used to streamline your online course development efforts at each successive stage.