Narrated PowerPoint

Instructors can create and deliver fully narrated and animated PowerPoint presentations online using iSpring. iSpring is an add-on product for PowerPoint that packages a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation into a file that can be embedded within Blackboard without additional user software. iSpring files are much smaller than the original PowerPoint files and can be played easily by students over any connection.  

How it Works

1. Plug a microphone into to your computer (available for checkout in CIRT).
2. Narrate your presentation in PowerPoint.
3. Bring the narrated presentation to CIRT (or send it to us via air dropper : Password: cirtunf). 

4. Send us an e-mail at to confirm where you’d like it in your course. 

    • Please include the name of the item, course ID, and the content area of the course where you would like the presentation placed. For example:2013SUMMER.AAA1000.0000.01 in the Course Documents area as ‘Lecture 1’.

5. We will run the file through iSpring and make any adjustments necessary then,
6. Publish to location of your choice within Blackboard.

Getting Started